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Do you eat dessert first? Before a meal?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24194points) September 16th, 2022
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What countries do eat it first? Or last? Or none?

Humor welcome:

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We used to go to a BBQ and Seafood restaurant that the owner’s mother made pink sheet cake with thick white frosting that she brought out before they took your order. They closed during COVID-19 pandemic. :>(

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No. If I did I wouldn’t be hungry, I’d be full, and I would not want the main meal, which is where the nutrition is.

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Depends on the type of desert and type of chow. If it’s brisket then a pox on desert. Anything else I might be tempted. With great age comes great temptation.

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If it appears first, I have no scruples regarding its immediate consumption.

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Yesterday I ate a rainbow cookie while cooking my lunch.

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NOOOO…I wait to eat my dessert about 2 hours later so it becomes an event within itself!!! IF I eat it before the meal, it ruins the experience of the meal. IF I eat it right after the meal, it ruins the experience of the dessert. So, I’ve discovered that about 2 hours after my meal experience is the PERFECT time to enjoy my dessert experience!!!

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What is pink sheet cake?

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I never ate dessert first. The earth would stop turning in its orbit and the heavenly horde drop down from the heavens to the sound of trumpets had I ever tried.

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Well there is the French word/concept of the amuse-bouche, which is sometimes sweet.

In general, though, I tend not to want a sweet before a meal, especially not a major one, because it would tend to mess up the palate and the appetite.

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@JLeslie What is a rainbow cookie? It sounds pretty.

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@chyna Similar to petit-four cakes in size. They are actually cake batter, and can be found in Italian and Jewish bakeries. They are delicious. Three layers of thin almond flavored cake, with raspberry jam between each layer and dark chocolate thin hard frosting. The red/white/green layers supposedly represent the Italian flag.

I buy this brand at the supermarket, they’re not as good as a good bakery, but good enough.

Highly recommend if you’ve never had them.

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Looks yummy.

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No. Dessert first is anarchy. Like cereal for dinner.

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Only if cookies count. AND COOKIES DON“T COUNT!

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You won’t eat cereal for dinner?

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I will. Wheaties with sliced banana for supper twice in the past week. Sometimes oatmeal. Breakfast for dinner is actually a time-honored tradition. In fact, I grew up having both pancakes and omelets for supper before I ever had them for breakfast.

But those are not dessert. And neither is the occasional pre-meal sneaked cookie.

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@Inspired_2write like this but she put red food coloring and cherry flavor in it.

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And I also start with a cigarette, as opposed to finish with one.

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Hardly ever have any, as a kid though, pudding was always referred to as “afters” so…

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@Demosthenes Cereal for dinner is DELICIOUS especially on those days that you ate heavy throughout the day!!! ¯\₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎

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“Eat dessert first. Life is uncertain.”

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Dessert First. It’s the foreplay of the meal.

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^And everyone enjoys foreplay, before a meal.

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Love dessert first! I have a sweet tooth. But prefer to end on a savory note. So that works out perfectly. :)

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