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What phrase is David Mitchell using in this sketch?

Asked by ragingloli (50705points) 2 months ago
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“I could not give a ”???” about your internet assembled philosophy.”

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“I couldn’t give a ha’penny jizz for your…....

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Something something jizz.
Can remember that I saw it when it aired.
The Peep Show was also great!

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^^ Or what I said it is!

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^^ Is it tho?
You all of a sudden a British linguofile? ~
You a mere pinguofile.

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Well, I was married to a Brit for 40 years so I should have some street cred.

You wanna take this outside, Buddy?

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Just kidding of course although my flippers can do serious damage.

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@janbb is correct.

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That’s hardly any jizz at all.

But coming from a vicar it could still be a lot.

I guess.

Just sayin’...

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^^Sometimes a little goes a long way.

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^^ depending on the trajectory, of course

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It’s definitely ha’penny jizz . I must ask the vicar what it means.

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@flutherother yeah… I wouldn’t….

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@flutherother If you did, he might call you a little squirt!

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Thanks for the laugh.
Don’t understand some of what he says, but laughing through it.

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Better if he’d said “flying fuck” adds gravitas.

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