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Can you help me straightening some tines?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33079points) September 19th, 2022
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I have two forks where a couple of tines have gotten bent improperly – one at an angle to the back of the fork, and the other bent to the side.

Is there an effective way to get them straight and stay straight? Hammer? Pliers? Cinder blocks?

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Pliers and vise.

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And maybe soften them lightly with a torch first? But be careful about finish and temper.

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Wrap them in paper towels or a cloth, both vise and pliers have teeth.

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What material is it made of?
Gold & Silver, Pewter – Just bend them back
Flatware made of Stainless Steel (Typical) – Clean it, place in boiling water for a minute, remove from water with pliers, Use tools such as pliers, a hard surface, rulers, and/or hammers to reshape silverware as desired.
Plastic – Forget about it!

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Needle nose pliers.

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