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What should I do with this ham bone?

Asked by Strauss (23049points) 2 months ago
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I was cleaning my freezer and rediscovered a ham bone (plenty of meat) from our Easter ham. I’ve had beans with dinner every night for the past week, so I’m looking for something else to cook to use this delicious piece of porcine anatomy. Any recipes?

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I used to gnaw on ham bones, was delicious. Or you can boil and make a soup stock with it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 You can put the stock in ice cube trays, and freeze for single use. Or even dog treats. :)

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We made ham bone soup the last time we had a ham bone.

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Pea soup with ham bone and meat.

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Ham bones with some meat are good for (more) beans.

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Make a sew. add plenty of vegetables and other meat if you choose too.

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Pea soup is my go for a ham bone.

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Error : STEW

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Cook it in a pot of white beans. Makes me hungry typing this.

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Here in Georgia, a good pot of Collard Greens just BEGS for a ham bone…And Collard Greens needs a pone of Cornbread to complete the meal!!! IF you have any beans left over, you can also add them to the pot for a different bean flavor.

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You guys are making me hungry! My mom married a Southerner, so learned to cook black eyed peas and collard greens, etc.

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I know I said “no beans” but I went against my own Q and used my ham-and-bone with a little chopped onion and boiled it with a pound of navy beans.

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Sounds delicious!!! ;-)

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