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What mythical creature(s) do you wish were real?

Asked by RayaHope (5613points) 2 months ago
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I’d pick fairies and unicorns. Oh, and mermaids.

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^^I’m glad you had a picture. :)

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^^ Oh, my….yikes

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The perfect man.

But really. Forgetting that, I’d probably pick fairies too. I had a special one when I was little who lived under my bed.

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I like the dragons from Game of thrones.

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@Jeruba Did you give it a name?

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@RayaHope, no. We weren’t on speaking terms; she was just there. I wasn’t in a position to give her a name, anyway. She wasn’t mine to name. She looked just like one of Cicely Mary Barker’s beautiful creations.

I used to check every night when I went to bed to see if she was there, and she was. She sat on the rim of my chamber pot beneath my bed.

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@Jeruba Oh that is adorable! I’ll call her Zinnia. :)

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@RayaHope, oh, that is much too weighty a name for a tiny, delicate winged being. Anyway, I doubt that we could pronounce any name that comes from the fairy tongue.

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I, too, vote for unicorns.

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Unicorns were much prized for their horns, which were known for being proof against poison. A unicorn could dip its horn into a pool of water and ensure that it was pure and safe to drink. Powerful lords wanted cups made out of unicorn horn so their conniving relatives could not poison them at their wine. So narwhals were hunted for their valuable tusks.

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^^ (sad) :( I’d protect a unicorn from those evildoers. They gotta go through ME first!!

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space whales
fire breathing Dragons

Someone will make unicorns real one day using CRISPR or something like it. Pink fluffy unicorns are not real….yet.

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I would like an endless supply of Drizzt do’Urden(s) For the OP and me to walk the streets safely; Even at night.

He is on my profile and avatar.

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@RayaHope Have you never seen The Neverending Story?!?!

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Friendly dragons

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Galadriel in the Hobbit ( an elf with mythical powers)
She was the good Elf (?)

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@gorillapaws I didn’t recognize the name :( But as soon as I saw the picture I got it! :)

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@Inspired_2write She is beautiful!

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Medusa…to look all MAGA politicians in the eye.

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Leprechauns. I want that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.

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Hobbits, centaurs, fairies, dragons, elves, sprites, and that horsey thing with wings that Harry Potter rode. Hagrid introduced them, and you had to bow to it before it would accept you. Stupid ole Draco showed his ass as usual and got payback for it.

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In Greek mythology, there’s a winged horse named Pegasus.

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Oh, oh, oh – Hedwig, the owl and not the one with the angry inch!

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@Brian1946 Yes, but the creature in Harry Potter wasn’t that. Just looked it up and what Harry rode was a Hippogriff. But yeah, I’d take a winged horse any ole day!

“The Hippogriff, a majestic flying animal which is part-horse, part-eagle, is a beast we get to know in the Harry Potter books rather well in the form of Hagrid’s beloved Buckbeak.”

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All protective and vengeful nature spirits . . .

Nymphs of all types





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Faeries and dragons.

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A good president of the United States. Or a half decent Prime MInister of the UK.

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Medusa…she was sexy.

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Sasquatch would be fun.

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Cate Blanchette played Galadriel and her beautiful dress was copied for many weddings after watching the Lord of the Rings series, however she is being replayed in Amazons new version in 2022.
For interest sake: Here is a link that expalins the Character of Gladadriel’s backstory.

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All of Dr. Suess’ characters!

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@Dutchess_III Even the Grinch?

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Yes! Please steal Christmas! I can’t handle it!
But…..Cindy Lou Hoo would be real too.

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Wait… was the hobbit a mythical creature?

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Disregard the above

Like Hercules except with a better hair do.

@duchess Cindy Lou Hoo is not real?
Damn you facebook!

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The Hobbit is a mythical ( made up) character.

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I correct myself…. it’s Cindy Lou Who.

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@Inspired_2write That was SO very interesting! I liked that a lot :)

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Peter Pan

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I would like to have an “I Dream Of Jeannie” genie.

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I have never agreed more @kritiper

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@kritiper I wish I could take back my answer now

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@raum ooooh! I want a flerken just cuz I love the name! gifilta flerken!

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The fabled esquilax. It’s a horse with the head of a rabbit and…the body of a rabbit.

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It’s bottle life for me.

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A yeti. A small one. To snuggle with.

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^^ yeahhhh that’s the ticket! A cute lil hairy huggable snuggable yeti!!

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Pokémon aren’t real????

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