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Have you done everything (or most of the things) you wanted to in life?

Asked by RayaHope (5647points) 2 months ago
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No regrets, full life. Or are there things left undone that you still should do.

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Great follow up to your ‘Bucket List’ question. At 30 y.o. I am so ready for my
next great adventure… children! BUT if my ex won’t share them with me
then I will never be a father. I am becoming OK with that.

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No, not everything on my list but still working on it.

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Love to go to Santorini and travel down under to Australia.

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Africa here.

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Never had kids, only regret. Too late at this point.

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Everyday is a new day. So much more to come.

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Not everything, but quite a bit.

Traveled a good amount.
Great wife and kid.
Have dogs.
Have my ‘retirement’ job.
Decent friends.
Own a house.

I’m hoping for some new adventures assuming I’m on this planet another 20–30 years, but if I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

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@cookieman said it for me except for the great wife part..

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“I’m hoping for some new adventures assuming…”
Stop hoping instead start planning…research places, things, activities etc

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I am fine just existing.

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I’m happy. At one point in my life when I was much younger, I seriously considered travelling to France to enlist in the French Foreign Legion. To old and to late for that now. Otherwise all good.

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^^ The French Foreign Legion sounds exotic. I wonder what that would be like?

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I’ve just started.

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They say it’s not a bad life if you take to it. And you are given French citizenship, if you want it, after a five year enlistment. @RayaHope

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I would like to add one thing to my bucket list and this list.
Stolen idea from JLoon… I want a date to a thrift shop and shopping
at said thrift shop.

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There are places I haven’t yet traveled and would like to – Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Alaska, Oregon/Washington/Vancouver area. England, Scotland.

Will I get to all of those? Maybe, maybe not.

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@jca2 Whoa! That is a lot of places, out of those which one would be your favorite?

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@jca2 Yes… Tell the truth, your favorite would be to visit me!

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@RayaHope It would be a tossup between Scotland and Germany.

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I have everything I ever wanted, and now I just sit back and enjoy it.

Well, except for the broken water pipe that flooded the house. I’m still stressed about that and the contractor hasn’t even started the repair work yet.

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@WhyNow: We’re going to be in the city for Thanksgiving weekend but I’m not going anywhere near you lol.

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I just listened to my first 30 minutes of Korn. The music is awesome, but I have no idea what the lyrics are. Dude’s need a lozenge, and a good anti-psychotic.

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Be grateful that you have the money to get it fixed @YARNLADY.

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Omigosh no!! Among others, I still haven’t jumped from a plane, which I had planned to do on my 50th.

♫ Regrets…I have a few, but then again, not too few to mention ♫

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^^ If I was to jump from a plane it better be on fire and falling out of the sky. {ekes}

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^^ yeah, my sister says, “Now why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good plane?”

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@jca2 The parade?

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Hell no, @WhyNow.

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Yes & no…obviously.

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