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Is it Trump or Biden who is pro referring to adult women as "girl/s"?

Asked by chefl (853points) 1 week ago
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Who wants women to be reduced to someone who is not mature, or mature enough, to be taken seriously? Is calling a woman over the age of 17 a Trump thing or a Biden thing? I can’t find anything in Google. (Edited)

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Many men do that. I don’t think you can attach it to any one man. I don’t think Biden would make a policy of it though.

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I know Trump is well documented as NOT friendly towards women.

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Anyone as old as either of them should be excused for calling any woman not on her deathbed “girl”. Old men were geared to call women honey or girl in their day, even the polite ones.

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In Biden’s defense, his mind is probably living in the 60’s half of the time. Let’s just be thankful he doesn’t bust out the occasional “negro.”

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Some women refer to other women as “girls” as well, for example “going out with the girls” or “girls’ night out” or “hello girls.”

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Is it one of those things where some people excuse x, (harmful thing) if group y (white men, blacks whites blacks, women men etc.) does it?

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I don’t see it as something that needs excused. It’s not a slang word, it’s not derogatory. If they were using the “p” word, now that’s a different story. Oh wait…

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Is there a problem with calling them girls?
Is it trying to say see ,see look how bad that is.

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Well @chefl I believe you have your answer.

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@chefl Not everything is an either/or political party thing. As I said above, it is mainly an old people’s thing but not exclusively.

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I’ll let the links I posted be read.

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^^ Both your links point to the same article. I’m not saying using the term “girls” to refer to women isn’t considered demeaning by many. I’m just saying it isn’t tied to one political party which is where you seem to be trying to force it.

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Ok, so it is not one party or the other thing.

To some who don’t know about the term from the article in the link above:

“Typically, “girl” is defined as a female child or a young or relatively young woman, while “woman” is defined as an adult female person. So, when women are called girls, the subtle message is that they are not mature, professional or responsible. Girls and boys, gals and guys and women and men are pairs that are aligned — not guys and girls.“_
Research shows that language impacts how girls and women feel about themselves. One experiment focused on understanding how women felt when called “girls” as compared to “women.” The results indicated that those who were referred to as girls felt less confident, perceived they had fewer leadership qualities and believed that others would view them as less prepared for leadership roles as well.

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@chefl I feel the article is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if one is called a girl or woman. If you refer to me by my sex, that is where the real issue would be. Let the women handle it or let the girls handle it is the real problem. Because in cases like that you are pigeonholing the female. You believe her skills are limited to her sex. Only a young person would be upset to be referred to as boys or girls. It’s demeaning because that can be a way of saying someone is limited in knowledge because they are young. Just like calling them young lady or young man can be upsetting. Now as for political ideology, I don’t see it the same. I will say the terms boys and girls are used more in the south. That boy, that girl.

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Call me a girl, if you want. Just don’t call me this:

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This sounds like a mole hill in search of a controversy. I’d much prefer to hear women referred to as “girls” than the current use of the word “female” or “bitch”. (I wonder what happened to “ladies”?)

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I have no problem referring to women as girls.

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I think it’s the generation and also being from the northeast. I use it too, although I use it less now because some women seem to be offended in the last 20 years or so.

Also, when I was living in the South I realized Black women see it as derogatory not just demeaning.

I have friends where I live who use girls and boys to signify friends of one gender getting together. Her husband gets together with the boys and she spends time with the girls. She’s in her 60’s. I never use boys, but as I said above I use girls among some friends. I also use chick. As in that chick doesn’t have all eight cylinders working.

Edit: some women hate the use of girl. They feel it is belittling, and typical of trying to use words to make women less important and less powerful.

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I really hate the term “gal.”

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Is the first link in my 2nd post, page 1 of google search result (Google/referring to women as girls) or the article in Forbes?

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My guess wold be that no one here really gives 2 shits about which politicians call women girls. There is way too much other crap to worry about than to make this an issue.

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Good point by @chyna.

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Your two most recent links are for articles that are quite old, @chefl.

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Someone must be a flat earther then. The evidence that the earth is not flat is quite old!

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“Why You, A Man, Shouldn’t Refer to Adult Women as “Girls” (title of article but “you as a man” not the url)
[Not just men]

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