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Now that Queen Elizabeth is dead, does someone in the British Government correlate political actions with the physical position of the former queen's body?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32053points) 2 months ago
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In other words, when Liz Truss does something incredibly stupid damaging to Britain, will someone check to see if Queen Elizabeth has rolled over in her grave?

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No, she NO longer has that responsibility!!! That burden now falls on Charles’ shoulders, although I assume that he is so well trained that he will immediately know when she is spinning & correct the problem.

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“When Liz Truss does something incredibly stupid…”

This is a certainty just waiting to happen.

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No. That’s Charles job now.

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They built in a rotisserie kinda contraption in her royal coffin.
She’s rolling around non-stop, anticipating a string of major fuck-ups.

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@rebbel that has a future as a fine dining dish as well – “roasted royal’

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No, because she’s politically neutral.

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Just because she was smart enough to NOT broadcast her political beliefs to the world, it doesn’t mean that she didn’t have her own way of viewing them!!! She had them, but she was way too intelligent to share them with anyone other than Prince Philip.

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