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Should we start reporting spammers to Google?

Asked by gorillapaws (29135points) 2 months ago
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Here’s an article about reporting link spammers to Google. I was thinking it might make sense to have offending posts get screenshotted before being taken down and posted somewhere in a manner that could be used to report the comment spammers. That can get them delisted from Google.

Also it might be worth editing the account creation dialog (if possible) to warn new users that link spam is aggressively reported to Google and that it can result in their site being delisted. Just a thought.

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My way of dealing it is to NOT use Google!!! I switched to DuckDuckGo about 2 years back & I’ve NOT looked back!!! I get a LOT better search results now!!!

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I skimmed through the linked article. Seems like a lot of work to go through to report a spammer. Is it really that important for a site the size of Fluther?

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@Hawaii_Jake It may not be. It might serve as a deterrent if there are some people who are repeat offenders. I’d be curious to see the general sentiment and it’s a solid point you make.

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@gorillapaws I’ll tell you what I hate, and that’s spam text messages on my phone. I use Google to weed them out, but I get 2 or 3 a day that Google automatically sends to the spam folder. I know, because Google tells me each time. Sometimes, they slip through, but Google always gives me a simple way to report it as spam.

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The juice is not worth the squeeze.

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How about some bad reviews for the businesses that are paying spammers to inundate us?

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