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I need to prepare for a chess tournament in a week- is there anything I can do?

Let me start off by saying I was kind of thrown under the bus here. I’m participating because my school has no one else besides my two other teammates, and I’ve gotten stuck doing it.
I would’ve liked more time- I was informed too close to the actual competition to have an adequate plan. In any case, the tournament is this weekend and I need to participate.
In terms of my skill level, it’s not good. I know the absolute basic rules and nothing else. I haven’t played very many games either.
I’m not expecting to go in and win at all. Honestly I’m not even expecting to achieve a draw in any game I play. I’m expecting to be eaten alive.
Having said this, is there anything I can do to make this experience a little less horrific? I mean aside from the obvious actually-play-the-game.
Any advice is appreciated. :))

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