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How many times have you proposed to or been proposed to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24147points) September 25th, 2022
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I proposed twice.
One to a nurse when I was in the middle of hallucinating from the flu. She walked me to my bed tucked me in, and never spoke of it again.

Second, I did it as a teenager as a joke to find out if a co-worker could speak English. She said yes, and I ran off.

None have proposed to me.

Humor and true stories welcome:

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Only once, to my wife. But we had been living together almost two years anyway and fit together like a hand in a glove. So making it official seemed like the normal and natural thing to do. I had a girlfriend propose to me once, if you can call it that. She just walked up to me out of the blue, threw her arms around me, and announced to my buds ,that This is the man I’m going to marry. Uh , we need to talk LOL. But I had a lot of strange shit like that happen to me. Think some ladies out there were kn some heavy drugs in the day.

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I’ve been proposed to twice, married twice, divorced twice.

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5 times. Married twice.

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3 times.
Turned down 3 times

my wife proposed to me.

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@Dutchess_III woohoooo! You GO girl!

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@filmfann my my my….lucky fella!

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I can’t remember how many times I’ve been propositioned. It happened twice yesterday. I said no to the first and a hearty yes to the second.

Did I understand the question correctly?

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@Hawaii_Jake No. A marriage proposal?

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You gay guys get a lot of action @Hawaii_Jake!

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Proposed to, 2½ times. Accepted once.

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@smudges I truly believe the Lord was saving me for my wife.

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Just once and she said yes,and we are heading for our 34th year.

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@Filmfann I was in the same boat sort of. I mean I did the proposing and gave her a ring set, but initially I think she picked me out of the herd rather than the other way around. She was so foxy in the day that I had no problems with that. Pretty, petite, and bubbly. It worked out well and still is, but she could have done a damn site better than me, I’ll have to own that. Never understood what made her pick the first moron to come down the pike. I mean she was recently divorced from a bad marriage and had a toddler girl, but was by no means desperate. I’m lucky she has always liked my ass and never chose to leave me. Mind blowing and almost incredible.

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Proposed to: 3 times
Accepted: 3 times
Changed my mind after a few weeks and ran away: 3 times.

I really didn’t want to get married.

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One woman asked me to marry her. I turned her down. She was an alcoholic and had while mood swings.
I asked the first wonderful woman to marry me several times over a couple years. I wasn’t what she was looking for.
The next woman that I asked to marry me is my current wife. Been married to her for 32 years. The best years of my life.

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I have proposed to 2 women. Both accepted. Married once. One passed away prior to being married.
I have been proposed to at least 5 times. I accepted one one of those which is the latter in the abovementioned proposals.

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I was proposed to once, and I proposed to two other women.

The woman who proposed to me was a one-night stand who would not leave.

Several years prior, my live-in gf at the time became pregnant. After much soul searching and discussion, I asked if she would marry me. She agreed, but we broke it off after she had a miscarriage.

The last time I proposed to someone was to my present wife. We recently celebrated our 34th anniversary (35 years together!)

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Congorats on 34 years @Strauss!
Rick and I just passed 20 years and he’s one lucky sumbitch, too.

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First one when only still in High Scholl and oblivious of the ways of men, plus in the thrones of infatuation stage. Divorced him after 11 years of unequal marriage.

After analyzing what went wrong I determined that NOT enough time to determine suitability and youth , trust issues in the marriage ,were the real culprits.

Second one I let 6 years of knowing him and thus living together that I made the right choice,but later in the marriage realized that he was on the run from three or more marriages, relationships and sought marriage with me to hide his identity and sponge off me, since he couldn’t keep a job for long. ( hiding from authorities ,child maintenance payments to ex wives etc)
I learned that time DOES NOT determine that one actually knows the partner at all, its

HONESTY AND TRUST THAT in both partners that determine longevity in those marriages.

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Dang… not yet :(
@Jeruba 2½ times? What is a half time?

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@RayaHope, I call it half a proposal when he said he would marry me. He didn’t ask.

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@Jeruba Oh, you had no say? lol crazy

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@RayaHope, I had a say. I said no.

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^^ Oh, yeah good answer.

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I have proposed once. Fortunately, she said “No.”

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