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In any Megaman video game have you ever found the leaf shield useful?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23483points) September 28th, 2022
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What other power ups that you have found useless? In any game? Any platform?

Humor welcome:

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Megaman II, you use the leaf shield to easily defeat airman.

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I’m an old schooler, so the only leaf shield I’m aware of is MM2, and it was kind of a niche weapon, but as the other poster says, it was great against airman. I also would SOMETIMES activate it when in a level where I was on a platform and enemies were approaching from too many different directions such that I couldn’t jump or shoot my way out. Turn on leaf, let them die as they crash into me, and then move along.

I’m not saying it was a great weapon. Very niche, but it had a niche. But I mean, MOST of the MM2 weapons were like this. Flash was something you’d only use against quickman. It didn’t last long enough to be worth it anywhere else. Other than against Crash, what would you use air man’s weapons against?

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