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Should there be some kind of rebellion or resistance movement to overthrow the US government to change things for our America and the rest of the world for the better?

Asked by raiden88 (106points) September 29th, 2022
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I’m blaming hurricane Ian on global warming and not just mother nature herself. I feel the US government is responsible for everything and it all started at the very beginning of the 21st century. I feel the only way to put a stop to global warming or at least slow it down and help reduce the damage being done is to try a coup d’état. This is not about politics but the way things are right now. I think the only way to stop this in a way other than a coup d’état would be to persuade the scientific community to focus all its energies into developing what is considered to be impossible like either a time travel machine or space colonization.
There was time many thousands of years when people and scientists believed that space exploration would always remain on the pages of science fiction. There are many things that were once science fiction but eventually became a reality and it’s not just space exploration. What other way do you think is there that can help with the global warming situation we’re in right now besides those things? I’m so sick of the media catastrophizing everything in this world about global warming which is a serious problem indeed among other things. If stopping global warming or at least slowing it down to help reduce the damage it’s doing is always gonna be science fiction, we as the human race might just as well finish ourselves off and hope we all die quickly. I really wish the media namely the press would talk about something positive or things that can be done to address these important issues.

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”... it all started at the very beginning of the 21st century”

Well, you are wrong there, (there were warnings on the increase in CO2 a hundred years ago) and much more of your premise is wrong, too. And rebellion/resistance to overthrow the US will make climate change worse, not better.

While the US economy has an outsize historic responsibility for resource exploitation, it is not the sole economy to blame.

Space colonization does not provide an answer for 8 billion people without a habitable planet within 10 years travel distance. And time travel is just a fantasy.

Better to expend your energy helping combat climate change here and now.

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” I feel the US government is responsible for everything…” Um, no. There are a bunch of first world countries that are also responsible for the carelessness here. Do better research.

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“I feel the US government is responsible for everything…” Google “China pollution,” “India pollution” for a start and report back to us.

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Yes, a Coup de ‘etat will solve global warming. Absolutely no question about that.

Handmaid’s Tale has taught us that. Praise Be to Gilead!

(Or did you forget that the last attempt at a coup was made by right wing wackos?)

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Time travel will be impossible before the invention of a beacon to focus a return time/location.
Therefore, time travel to any point before the invention and deployment of a beacon is impossible.
As stated before, India and China are horrible polluters. Maybe focus your energies on reforming them.

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I second @JLeslie answer. NO
And it would fix absolutely nothing. There have been many reasons already stated about global warming and how we are not the only country or reason for it. But a coup in the midst of everything that is already going on would be like taking a crap outside in a rainstorm. You will only end up wet and with wet crap all over your feet.
Though I’m sure Putin and China and a few other Nations that hate us would love it if we did..

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(Sees hat is about to post. Getting popcorn)

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This question is a mess. Take a look at economic systems. You’ll likely find that global capitalism carries much of the blame here. Overthrowing the US would be great – especially since it serves as the military arm of global capital. But this question is too confused and loose to really make much sense of. Also, I don’t have any hope that we can overcome any of this.

To those reactionaries who smugly ask OP to Google China and India – make sure they don’t Google per capita carbon footprint. You will regret having them Google anything. Also, it’s important to point out that these nations’ carbon output is part of the machine that we are a part of.

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@Caravanfan LOL!!
I disagree with just about everything you said in your thesis! So wrong on so many levels.

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@Caravanfan I
am laughing so much because I liked the Star Trek episode and yes I am about that dense sometimes.

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I agree with most of what @hat has written. The global capitalistic economy is to blame for the coming disaster. I obviously do not agree with a violent coup overthrowing the US but I do think that significant changes need to be made in governance and regulation. Most of the current crop of elected officials are more interested in maintaining the status quo.

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Do you want to help curtail climate change? Start with controlling the main part of the problem: People. There are too many of us and there are getting to be more and more every day.

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“What other way do you think is there that can help with the global warming situation we’re in right now besides those things?”
– It requires the conversations people keep repeating about several topics, to change, and be replaced by new conversations that will result in significantly different behavior, especially at the level of world economy, world-scale industry, and world-scale agriculture and human use of land and energy.

So there does need to be a revolution (or several), but a revolution of ideas, not necessarily of violence.

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@kritiper is correct.

94% of Americans support recycling.
74% say it should be a priority.
34.7% actually recycle.

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I would rather see our country run by intelligent, honest problem solvers instead of actors, con-artists, lawyers and politicians. That would save us.

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@kritiper We have a problem that many countries rely on the young to fund and take care of the elderly. Our entire economy, culture, and systems of government rely on the population growing.

Are any of the western countries going to be ok with negative population growth? From what I can tell no, not without significant changes. If I’m wrong I would love to know. If there are examples in the world where countries don’t need births or immigration to support their current system the US needs to look into that.

@KNOWITALL Do you think it’s because it isn’t easy to recycle in the US? My community stopped separating our trash and instead we use a garbage collection company that incinerates everything, sells off the energy produced and recycled the metals that were discarded. I’m sure there must be a downside I’m unaware of, but from what I know about it, it seems good.

A lot of people where I live are angry we aren’t recycling anymore, but they don’t know that actually we are recycling the metals.

The big problem I see is that people still use too much plastic. One pet peeve of mine is I love Walmart curbside pick-up, but they use only plastic bags. I can’t bring my own bags for a curbside pick-up. I wish they could just put the items in bags or boxes in my car trunk, but I guess that would take more time. Maybe not? They wouldn’t be bagging in the store.

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@JLeslie According to a UN report, the population of the planet is expected to level off sometime after the turn of this century at about 9.5 billion. Currently, the population is growing by about 95 million a year, which means at this 9.5 billion mark suggested by the UN, at least 95 million more deaths per year will have to occur for the population to stabilize.
“Are any of the western countries going to be ok with negative population growth?”
Like they have a choice!
Being optimistic about some young population figure being the savior of all of mankind and the planet is some very optimistic wishful thinking.
Good luck with that.

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@JLeslie I think people are lazy.

In our area, cardboard is taken to the school.
Styrofoam is not recyclable.
Glass has to be driven to Spingfield, the regional hub. That is generally too much trouble for most of us for the few items in our weekly/monthly trash.

Our trash companies do offer free recycling bins and yet not every household has one. It’s disheartening.

In my opinion, people who simply pick up trash to recycle, are hero’s.

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@KNOWITALL When I lived in Michigan the pop/soda can return was 10 cents and among us college kids we always returned the cans for the money. Not sure if 10 cents is still enough for people to bother and I have no idea how economical it is to do the recycling.

What I was told where I live, before we changed to the incineration company, was a good portion of what is put in the recycle bin never gets recycled, because containers need to be cleaned out. A plastic peanut butter container will wind up in the trash at the sorting facility, because there is still peanut butter in it. When I found that out, I only put very easy to rinse containers in recycle, and also paper. We were told that China stopped buying a lot of the recycle we used to ship to them, so the US was putting a lot of it in landfills.

By the way, the incineration takes everything including yard waste, so we can put everything together and no special days for yard waste or recycle. I have trash pick up twice a week. I don’t know if the old service was able to turn yard waste into mulch and other useful products, now it is burned with everything else producing energy.

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@JLeslie I rinse or wash glass and all containers before recycling. For us, reducing all trash is a constant endeavor, so we compost as well.
On our block, we have less trash than anyone. I think if we worry less about details and just stop throwing thing’s away, it would be far less overwhelming for the general population. :)

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^^I usually have less trash than my neighbors, but I think it’s mostly because we don’t eat restaurant food a lot. The packaging for carry-out and leftovers is always overwhelming to me. The boxes are often larger than they need to be, and multiple containers to keep the foods separated. That has me thinking if restaurant portions were smaller maybe that would reduce food containers going into landfills significantly. Much more than a straw.

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@JLeslie Don’t laugh but I wash and re-use those containers when I cook for others. :)

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@KNOWITALL I do that with the plastic containers that are decent quality.

I use them when we travel too. I just took leftovers to the airport with me in one, and then threw it out once we ate everything for lunch. It was that or throw out the food before leaving the house.

At home I use glass containers for leftovers.

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@JLeslie I feel a tiny bit less guilty if I use them multiple times. And no one get’s my Tupperware! Lol

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I think No

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Coup d’état means failed coup.

Coup means successful takeover.

America is the world’s experiment on an ideal peaceful transfer of power though the election process. I would like to see it play though.

It would get more attention if the U.N. (United Nations) or some other class action lawsuit was processed to charge for all of the claimants’ injuries, from wrongful death to property loss, and loss of lively hoods.

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@RedDeerGuy1 A Coup d’etat is not unsuccessful; it generally refers to a successful overthrow of a government. Coup is just an abbreviated term for a coup d’etat.

I thought everyone in Canada was supposed to know French?

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@zenvelo Ok I Googled it, and you are right. Serves me right for watching local news channels, and late night talk shows for my news information about multi national news events.

I only have three years of French. Alberta only requires three years, and is optional for any further.

I only memorized Je’ ne swee pa a la twalet sil vu plait?

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