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Worked 6 Months in a shop, and still no uniform.

Asked by Amymoo976 (4points) October 3rd, 2022
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I work Part-Time 2 days a week on the shop floor. The uniform includes a polo shirt, jumper and a jacket. asked my employer when I would possibly receive my uniform. He had replied, well you only work 2 Shifts a week and your not trained up on the floor (Even though I have actually been going to the garden centre since I was little, so I know where everything is quite well)

To me want to feel part of the team, as enjoy working there. At this point would even be happy with just the polo shirt, as l’m currently wearing my own black T-shirt which is now looking quite tatty.

Is this normal? Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thank you

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Sounds like the manager isn’t particularly with-it. It seems like it would be to his/her advantage to have you dressed like the others and to feel like more of a team member.

I would continue doing a good job (which I imagine you do) and then mention this again to him/her from time to time. Not so often as to be obnoxious, but from time to time.

I wonder if the manager is working under someone who laid out the rules “no uniform for someone who only works two shifts” – so he may want to help you, but he may not have the authority to do so,

Another thought – why not ask to work another shift?

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Wear what you want to wear until management wants you uniformed. Don’t sweat it. He’s right….two shifts a week?

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You’re considered part time, so a uniform is NOT a priority in the minds of management. Most part time employees are looking to stay for a very long time & saving uniforms for the full time employees saves them some money.DON’T let that discourage you!!! Continue to work hard & do the job to the best of your ability!!! You NEVER know what might change. There may be a change in management which could work out in your favor. There might be a full time employee who decides to leave for one reason or another. You might be asked to increase the number of hours that you’re available to work. Upper management might notice your dedication when you least expect it. So, continue giving 100% & be patient with the uniform because it is coming!!!

One suggestion…now that you have a few paychecks under your belt, buy a couple of new black tshirts so you old one won’t make you look dressed down or give upper management a reason to think that you just might not care!!!

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I find it rude AND odd that the employer has a “uniform” and does not provide it to everyone.
This causes a divide if you do not have one and others do. Bring this up politely to your manager that you would like to wear one and feel part of the team. Else they are creating their own separatist classification of their workers.

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Many companies expect their employees to purchase their own uniforms. They advance them the money, and take the cost out of their first paycheck. Problem solved.

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