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Do you share my view that this little site is surprisingly remarkable?

Fluther is a tiny site on the grand scale of the internet. We only have about a hundred active users, yet we are a community. I think that’s what gives this site its strength. We know each other.

I have genuine friends here. I’ve met some jellies in real life, and we are really friends. I truly care about some jellies.

There are people on here who are remarkably intelligent in a wide array of fields of study. We get some obscure requests, but our members honestly try to answer them with knowledgeable replies.

We have a vast difference in situations. We have many demographics represented. I wish we had more nations represented, but some that are represented are somewhat surprising.

I’m grateful that Ben keeps us going. I’m glad we have high standards for posts. I’m glad we have dedicated mods. I wish there were more jellies, but it is what it is. Thanks, Ben, for not pulling the plug.

What do you think about Fluther? How do you feel about things around here?

I was just thinking what an amazing thing it is that my best internet friends are from this little site.

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