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What is a vented ridge cap and does it work?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46396points) October 6th, 2022
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For the roof of a house, roofers will insert a small angled vent under the shingles along the roof line to let out hot air. They do work well.

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Thanks zenvelo. So I don’t need any of those spinny things on the roof?

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I’ve got vented soffits, ridge vents and two huge electric fans, I’m in North Carolina and NEED all the help I can get to drop AC costs !

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Where are the fans @Tropical_Willie

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They are on the roof midway from gutters and peak. That was one of the conditions to buy the property from contractor. Electrician said smart move because it moves hot air away from ceilings. He used a infrared thermometer on one house he installed fan three years before ours and saw a 10 degree lower temp on ceiling (even with insulation).

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On the roof? Must be a special type of fan…?

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We don’t have a lot of sq ft.

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Are you running AC in summer ?

Square feet is ceiling and attic walls in second floor.

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Of course I’m running AC in the summer. It routinely hits 100+⁰.

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Well the whole house is maybe 1400 sq ft.
I know how to find the sq ft of a space.

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The trick is to move hot air above ceiling, so AC doesn’t have to deal with it.

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And a ridge cap does that @WetWillie?

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The ridge cap vents the heat; the fan moves cooler air into attic.

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As described in other posts. Yes they work. I installed on a small shed I build. It helps eliminate ice dam buildup and internal condensation due to temperature variation if the structure is sealed too tightly.

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