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Am I the only one who only likes the first riff of music before they start singing?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24147points) October 8th, 2022
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I change the radio dial when the start of music includes singing.

Do you?

I have some exemptions:

They are:
Weird Al Yankovic
Amy Lee
Nickelback, how you remind me.

Their might be more, but I can’t think of them right now.

Humor welcome.

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It’s too dependent on the artist and the song. Some songs, the riff doesn’t really add anything, it’s sort of an attention getter but really doesn’tintegrate with the first words and stanzas that follow.

Others, the opening riff can be considered integrally important. It just depends.

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Intros are great. Some of my favorites are I Feel Fine and Maggie May. But then the song after makes it distinctive.

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I don’t know the band but I heard this not long ago and was blown away by the long intro…over a minute long!
But I did listen to the whole song.

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Well, clearly you are asking us to post songs that will prove you wrong.

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There are some songs where I like the musical lead-up more than the rest of the song, and songs where I like the music but don’t like some or all of the lyrics. And I like a lot of music that has no lyrics.

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That isn’t a general trend for me, but there are a few songs (a very small few) where the opening riff is the only thing I like about them. (Example: the first 17 seconds of “Year 3000” by the Jonas Brothers. Lol.)

There is one song I know where the first minute is gold and so promising, and the rest is disappointing and repetitive. I will just stop that song after the first minute because the song completely changes at that point and it’s not nearly as interesting as the lead-up.

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It’s the first riffs that appeal to me and it was the first riff of “Willie the Pimp” that got me interested in Frank Zappa’s music. Incidentally some of Frank Zappa’s music is simply an elaboration of the type of short guitar pieces that he heard in the songs of people like Johnny “Guitar” Watson.

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Lazy by Deep Purple. Half the song is the opening riff.

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@seawulf575 The opening of “Smoke on the Water” is the whole redeeming part of that song by Deep Purple.

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I sorta took the meaning of this question wrong and I think I started something else…oops!

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^^ ohmigawd I love that song…and saw The Who perform it!! Makes me want to dance wildly, smile, cry, sing, and race down memory road all at the same time!

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@smudges LOL! I’m glad I posted that now :) I didn’t even know the song just ran into it while listening to other stuff. I think the “teenage” thing caught my eye.

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Listening to it now… ♪ Glad you posted it too!

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@RayaHope As long as you call it by its correct name: Baba O’Riley.

It was used as the intro to A Bug’s Life. My daughter was a toddler and used to say, “play Out Here In the Fields”.

@smudges me too…

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Me too. ♬ ♪ ♫ “They’re all wasted” lol

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I found this music that I enjoyed Death Metal VS Black Metal

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That is the beauty of music. You don’t have to like it all.

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Some of my favorite tunes fit that description.
Here are some where 99% of the attraction is the guitar playing:

Johnny Winter- Good Morning Little School Girl
Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower
Jeff Beck & vocalist- People Get Ready
Eric Clapton- Little Wing

Then there are some where the guitar and the vocals are both hauntingly beautiful:

Al Di Meola- Love Theme from Pictures of the Sea

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