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Who would have won the fight: Pelosi or Trump?

Asked by rebbel (35370points) October 16th, 2022
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Have you seen the footage where Pelosi, in the Capitol, on hearing that Trump might come to her (the Capitol), said that she was waiting for him, and that she would punch him (or words to that effect), and wouldn’t mind if that would (have) landed her in jail.

Imagine he had gone there, and they’d met; who would have gone K.O.?

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Pelosi would have won in one round.

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Trump..he’s a male.

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Do not underestimate morbidly obese males.

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Pelosi – hands down. She’s much tougher than him. He would have cried.

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It perhaps depends on who lands the first punch. Both seem pretty weak and feeble to me.

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Trump survived the stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin. I would vote for him.

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Trump no doubt. His dumb fans would be watching and he would go bat-shit crazy on Pelosi to avoid any chance of embarassing himself. Now if Pelosi picks up Schumer using him as a weapon to strike at trump…not sure…maybe it still wouldn’t make a difference. lol

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Trump would be too afraid to fight, he would run away.

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@RayaHope Yes. I agree. My votes on Pelosi now.

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Pelosi has regular sized hands, she would slap him silly.

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Trump loves to fight, and he’s not shy about fighting dirty. My guess is he hits first, below the belt, and kicks her legs out from under her.

I hope Pelosi bites him. Hard.

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Neither one, though I’d sell tickets to see it.

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It will never happen; Trump will remember he has heel spurs and hide behind his doctor and a platoon of lawyers.

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Pelosi. She’s stringy and lithe.

Trump is as soft as the Pillsbury doughboy.

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Who would have won the fight: Pelosi or Trump?


Okay, if you aren’t happy with the flip answer… Pelosi.
While Trump is male, much bigger, and used to swinging golf clubs, he has small hands. He would break his little hands first punch.
Nancy understands bitch slapping.

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I would hope she wouldn’t punch him in the mouth. A kick would suffice.

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I would hope Trump would be a gentleman and not react or hit a woman. If she hits him too bad so sad. But I feel I am overestimating Trump. I’ve been slapped before, so what? Probably had it coming anyways.

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If you threw out corrupt money both would be too busy stuffing their fucking pockets to care about anything or anyone else. They are both vile and repugnant.

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I doubt she would do anything, but if she did, she might get a punch in, but if he responds with being physical he would probably win. He’s a man, taller, bigger, and likely stronger. Unless, she has some self defense training. She’s more agile, but often she is wearing 4 inch heals.

The whole idea is ridiculous. She was just speaking out of frustration.

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One punch (by almost anyone) would take Pelosi out, she seems rather frail to me. The thought alone is rather ridiculous.

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Yeah, Pelosi looks like a stiff breeze would push her over, Could she dodge a punch without falling and breaking a hip? Could Trump throw a punch without also throwing out his back? I guess it’s a one shot deal. I’m not above paying to see something like that.

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Is Pelosi strong enough to punch through all that fat? But you’re right – it would be a 1 shot deal. First one to get a shot in would win.

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Do not underestimate small passionate women. We can be scrappy.

Honestly, some of these responses are sexist.

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How @jonsblond?

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^I guess I’ll start with your first response. There are many capable women who can kick ass. You are belittling women because of their sex.

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@Jonsblond Her stature and the assumed strength of an average woman compared to an average man is not sexist.

Women and men are not equal physically. Men have a distinct advantage regarding natural strength. That’s why it’s good for women to get some self defense training and some strength building. Women aren’t going to easily get away or disable a man otherwise.

If Trump put his hands out around her neck at arms length she probably couldn’t do anything. He’s much taller so his arms would put her too far to touch him.

If he was on top of her his sheer weight would create a problem for her to free herself. He could possibly hold both of her hands with one hand.

If she’s more clever and quicker than him she might win.

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@jonsblond Pelosi is not one of those women.

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She is also older than the pyramids.

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He’s no spring chicken either.

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But he is fat, and can just fall on her and crush to literal dust all of her prehistoric bones.

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If she doesn’t aim well she’ll hit a thick layer of fat, which will cushion the blow. That will give him time to hit back with his little hands.

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Well he’s a good foot taller than her so it would be hard for her to hit anything other than the fat zone.

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She could just give him a good jab right in the nuts.

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… small target

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^^Cheap shot

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Bull’s Eye, though.

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Ugh, sigh. :(

I’m done with this.

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