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What is the first thing you turn on in the morning?

Asked by RayaHope (7309points) October 16th, 2022
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I turn on my phone and check my emails and stuff.

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I turn on the coffee maker. Of course I can set it to turn on all by itself but then the water and coffee would sit out all night. Can’t have that.

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I try to have it be the toaster or kettle, because I really need to eat and drink quickly once I get up. Otherwise I get dizzy and feel like a dying hummingbird.

It also might be the Echo, if I need some music to get going.

Days when it’s my phone tend to be low-energy because I get stuck before taking care of basic needs. So when you’re annoyed by spam during Europe’s morning, at least know that I’m having breakfast happily, rather than doom-scrolling.

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The radio news.

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If that is true, you may be addicted to your gadget.

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Water…......I flush and get into the shower.

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My girlfriend.

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Coffee pot. A man without coffee had nothing. As my Old Pappy used to say.

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The bathroom light.

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In the past would do a s.s.s. $hit.Shower.Shave. now my routine is whatever I feel like and sounds good.

I sleep in for a couple of days, and sometimes I stay up all night Fluthering and watching YouTube.

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My bedside radio.

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My cell phone.
Wordle, Numberle, Heardle.
Then check for messages.

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@SnipSnip I might be, but my friends text me a lot and I want to stay in touch. I also have some medical appointments that I try to stay on top of and at the end of this month I will have a bunch of stuff to do so I might not be here much.

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Desktop computer.

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It varies. Usually one of these three: TV, phone, or bathroom light.

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Coffee pot is on a timeer; I don’t need to worry about that.

First thing I turn on is the bathroom light, so I can see where to point,

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My desktop PC.

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Desktop PC also, if @Kropotkin‘s isn’t nearby!

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^^ Oh, you two together?

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^^ No, just a joke.

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The coffee pot that I make tea in.

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The bathroom light!!

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Coffee maker

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The kitchen light on my way to the coffee pot.

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“Alexa, lights on!”

Then, the Nespresso.

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@zenvelo – no “clap on”?

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Coffee maker

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A light. I’m up at 4am to get to work at 5am. I need light to function.

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Usually it’s the phone or the laptop, and the TV.

I have nightlights which turn on when it’s dark, so I don’t need to turn on lights if I get up to go to the bathroom.

If I’m in a big rush, which is rare, I will get up and put the coffee maker on before putting on the laptop or the phone.

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where is the coffee?

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COFFEE is certainly a front-runner here, followed closely by computers. lol!

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^^ my computers are always on. Just the jiggle of the mouse wakes them from their nights sleep.

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^ I tried that with my desktop but it tends to freeze up if left on for too long :(

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^^ cookies and milk help mine sleep nicely

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^^ LOL!! I am sure it would NEVER wake up again. :D

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Because it is so automatic, I forgot to include all the motion sensing night lights I have around the house. Walking from the bedroom to the bathroom and then to the kitchen turns on 4 different timed night lights. Two of them are battery operated so they even work during a power failure. They all turn off after about 2 minutes or when there is sunlight.
I do not need to touch a light switch for much of the day. .

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Some water faucet or another. Other than the basics, my laptop.

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