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What happened to my activity notifications?

Asked by yaujj48 (1051points) October 19th, 2022
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I been using Fluther for a while but it seems I am not receiving new activity through my email.

However my other email notifications like edit the questions seems to be fine along with my messages. So how come I am not receiving new notifications through the email

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I don’t remember ever getting activity notices in email, did we? I just go to the site and see them. If you were and now you don’t, it might be a bug that I’m not aware of.

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The settings show that you can get email for other types of events, but I only remember getting email when someone answers one of my questions.

My Notification settings look like:

Notify By Email only

Send me a notification when I get…
New Activity
Questions sent from users
Followed by someone

Sending emails to [edit]

Periodic Outreach
(Infrequent newsletters and questions for you via email)

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