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Would you prefer to get paid and pay rent daily?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21861points) October 21st, 2022
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Has it been done before for an apartment, not just the Y.M.C.A.
It would prevent overspending and not saving enough money for rent.

Humor and real answers welcomed

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Doesn’t make business sense !

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Yeah I am kinda at a loss as well?
I doubt any employer would pay daily unless it was part time and just for a certain job, and pay rent daily as well that would become a real headache before long.

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Paying rent daily is called a hotel room. Nothings funny about it, iI’s a real thing!

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@all ok just wondering.

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I don’t want to pay rent ever.

Profiting from monopolising access to homes is parasitic unearned income.

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It would prevent overspending and not saving enough money for rent.

I disagree!!! Those who tend to overspend & not save enough money for rent would still do the same EXCEPT in place of having a roof over their heads for the entire month, they’d be past due by the 15th of the month with NO place to go. It would also create a HUGE headache as to when apartments would become available to move into as landlords wouldn’t know when anybody was moving out. Even hotels charge you by the week or the month when you’re considered “extended stay”.

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Sounds inconvenient for everyone involved.

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If you plan on being in employment or renting for more than a month then daily payments don’t make sense.

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That would be terrible, and especially for people that live from “paycheck to paycheck” (seriously, who uses cheques?), it would put you literally 1 day from being homeless, and from starving, each day, every day. The additional leverage that would give to your exploitative employer would be insane, because now you do not even have any financial buffer to even look for a new job, even if it only took you a week.
Reality is already dystopian enough, no need to make it even worse.

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@ragingloli Agreed. What about the opposite? Getting paid once a year and paying rent once a year? Should cut down on administrative expenses?

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