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Has there ever been a cash delivery service?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23515points) October 26th, 2022
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Where you can get cash delivered to you from your bank account?

Not payday loans.

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Don’t think that is possible.

At the bank . . .“Hi I’m here for all of Red Deer Guy’s money !” says the guy with Uber cap!

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Cashback debit maybe? In order for a “cash uber” to work you would have to give out pin numbers, or at least sign a lot of forms. It would be a logistical and regulatory nightmare.

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Brinks and Garda do this on a commerical basis. But their messengers are bonded and insured and all of that.

On a personal level – like an Uber or Lyft? Why would you trust the courier?

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I’ve ordered foreign currency through my bank and had it delivered via Fed Ex.

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You mean like an ATM on wheels? Now there’s a thought. You could call one up like an Uber.

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