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How well can you lie on demand?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21676points) 3 months ago
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Humor welcome:

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Why? What have you heard about me?

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@Hawaii_Jake I’ve heard everything. Tell me why you did it?

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I’m scary good at it. One of the benefits of growing up with a pathological liar.

I only use my powers for good though.

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Too good actually. When you grow up with shitty parents lying becomes a skill used for safety.

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@tinyfaery: Exactly.

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I would fail at the first hurdle – convincing myself that the lie was true.

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Not very well, unless it’s a one-word lie…yes or no.

I can do it if I think about it, but feel very uncomfortable doing it. It depends on who I’m lying to. to whom I’m lying??

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