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Have you ever had a perfect moment ruined by anything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24147points) October 29th, 2022
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Last night I had my bedding at a perfect temperature, and then I had to go to pee.

It never came back when I returned from the bathroom.

When was the last time that a perfect moment was ruined for you?

Can be anything.

Humor welcome:

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I had an enormous zit on my forehead on my wedding day.I couldn’t focus on anything else. I was miserable. I’m sure being almost five months pregnant at the time had much to do with my physical misery.

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Last Wednesday I had the opposite thing happen to me.
My wife and I got off the shuttle van that took up to the north rim of the Grand Canyon.
We unloaded our hiking and camping gear and the van left.
My wife left her trekking poles on the van.
We then started hiking down the wrong trail.
After hiking ⅓ of a mile I realized that we were on the wrong trail and we returned to the trail head parking lot.
Just as I reached the parking lot, the shuttle van returned just to give my wife her trekking poles.
We did not call the shuttle van driver to return. He did that on his own. I tipped the driver $20.
After completing the Grand Canyon hike from the north rim to the south rim on Friday (October 28th) I now realize that my wife could not have done it without her trekking poles.
We went from disaster to a perfect moment. We had great time.
We were double lucky.

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We were walked in on by an acquaintance who wanted to show us his puppy, during hot and steamy sex, nearing high point…
He just opened the door of our room, without making himself known.

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My wedding night. We were spending the night in a town almost 200 miles from where we got married. We left about 4–5pm to get there. When we were about ⅓ of the way there I realized I had forgotten my medications and we had to go all the way back.

We finally got checked in to this gorgeous old hotel at Lake Junaluska around 9:30pm. We had one whole wing to ourselves, 20–30 rooms – not intentional on our part – and it was kinda spooky knowing we were so far from the lobby.

We had been given some champagne by my parents so we were planning on getting ready for bed, then having some. I was in the bathroom changing and as I felt around in my small incidentals bag, I sliced my finger on a razor. He went to the lobby and got a bandaid and by the time I got it on and we’d quit laughing we realized how tired we were. We drank a little of the champagne, decided we were too tired to do anything else and went to sleep. Awoke late and started our adventurous honeymoon driving and camping up through PA, NY, VT and into Maine to the coast.

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@rebbel But who cares….you got to see a PUPPY!!

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Funny thing; I adore puppies, and kittens, but that interest in them totally fades away if I near an orgasm.

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LOL! What was Puppy Dude’s reaction @rebbel?

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About two years ago at my grand daughters soccer championship game. We were one goal away from winning the season, and I had promised to take the family to dinner if they won.. Freaking boss calls and said he was in a bind, one of the guys had car trouble at the last minute and if someone didn’t show up we’d lose the contact. We did win and I had to go to work. Made it up the following evening. Told him I had plans with family and I wasn’t coming in the next day, end of story.

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I was out to dinner with a girl I was really interested in. Unfortunately I was already seeing another girl and she ended up at the same restaurant with her parents at the same time I was there with the new girl. It didn’t end well. I ate alone that evening.

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^^^^ LOL!!

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Every time I wake.

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