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My son is in the hospital with severe symptoms of Covid and they won’t let me stay with him. How will I sleep tonight?

Asked by Jonsblond (8253points) November 3rd, 2022
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He’s 18. I took him to the ER this morning with a fever of 103. He was very weak and he felt like he was going to faint. His BP was very low and his heart rate was very high. They took all sorts of tests and Covid came back positive.

They were on the fence about putting him in ICU or intermediate care. His bp raised slightly enough to downgrade him to intermediate. Since he’s positive he’s not allowed any visitors. They made an exception for me to stay until 9pm tonight due to my son’s anxiety.

I hated to leave him and now I’m home. My mind won’t quit. How can I rest?

F*ck Covid and all the deniers. It’s not “just a cold.”

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Don’t sleep. Stay up and pace and cry. Collapse at 5 AM for an hour. I’m sorry this happened.

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I’ve been calm this entire time. I’m not the pacing type. I’ve had enough experience with this kind of thing with all the times my husband was in the hospital. It’s 12:16 a.m.

I’m texting my son right now. I told him he could text if he needed me.

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Oh, my dear, I’m so sorry. It sounds like you do know all the right things to do, and that makes you one of the lucky ones. Most people need to be reminded to put on their own oxygen masks first, before they can help others.

Consider resting to be the next right thing to do, and then just do it. You don’t have to sleep, just stop spinning. Take a book or a tablet and go lie down.

Next chance you get, send in a card or a picture or a little present that he can keep by his bed.

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^We only live two miles from the hospital and it’s one of the best in Wisconsin. This helps our peace of mind tremendously.

Thank you both for your advice.

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I am so sorry! I hope you will sleep. Hospitals have gotten much better at treating Covid. I hope they are giving your son Paxlovid. It did wonders for my daughter when she came down with it during the Summer.

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Oh, so sorry to hear that. Yeah, as a parent I can relate. I had my scare with my daughter with severe asthma attack at age 3ish and also when she was 3 months. There is no greater fear. I couldn’t stay with her at night because I had my small son at home I had to take care of so my husband and I would switch. You won’t get much sleep but try to make sure you eat and at least get some naps in. I remember thinking I have to stay strong and healthy to be able to help them. No point in you getting sick because then you can’t even spend a few hours with him and he probably is worried about you as well. I’m sure he’s terrified but he’s probably worried you may get sick as well. Recharge and stay positive. Children can feel our anxiety. My kids always felt better when I was around when they were sick because I never let it show I was terrified inside. I also remember being really sick as well several times as a kid. If my parents felt anxious, then I figured I was dying. If they acted like everything was normal and not an emergency, then I felt it was under control. If they looked exhausted, then I worried about them. I’ll be praying for his quick recovery.

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I can only imagine. If it was my husband I would be traumatized having to leave the hospital, so with it being your child it’s even worse.

It sounds like he is able to speak for himself, I would take some comfort in that. Can you visit at all? Or, they won’t even let you onto the hospital floor?

I wonder if you will be allowed to stay if he is stepped down to a regular room, or if at all levels of care they forbid it with covid.

A friend of mine is very sick with covid right now. Not hospital sick, but high fever, bad headache, miserable. I wonder if it’s the new variant. I’m with you—f@&k covid and the deniers.

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^No visiting him at all since he’s positive. They are giving him Remdesivir.

Thank you so much everyone. It helps to talk this out and get support from you. I was able to get four hours of sleep. It helped. He messaged me at 5am saying he was awake and felt a little better.

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Thank goodness he’s feeling a little better. The randomness of who gets very sick is so worrisome.

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Good to hear @Jonsblond ! Wishing him continued recovery and you more peace. Good that you got him in fast.

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One therapy that I have heard has worked very well (particularly on people who were vaccinated but had bad symptoms from covid anyway) from someone I trust who has seen it applied in several cases, is SPMs like Sports Pro Resolve.

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I’m so sorry, for all of you. I’d just make sure to chat and text or Facetime eachother as much as he’s allowed.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Hang in there. I am keeping you and your son in my thoughts.

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And meanwhile, do watch out for your own symptoms, since you have been exposed. Here’s hoping it’s passed you by.

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Oh, @Jonsblond. Only just reading this now. I’m glad you were able to get at least four hours of sleep.
And even more glad to hear that he’s doing better. Hoping he’s through the worst of it. Hugs and rest to you both.

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Sorry to hear this, but stay up and sit by the phone all night if you have to, and call every hour to get updates. At least youll’ll be doing something proactive rather than just losing sleep.

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{{{{{{ H U G S }}}}}}

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I’m so sorry, what an awful situation. Please take care of yourself as much as you can.

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It’s a nasty virus. Let’s hope for a fast turnaround for the better for your son.

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All I can say is , he’s in the best place for his situation. Sometimes, you need to take some solace in the fact that you are doing the best you can.
I’m definitely sympathetic to this situation.
My grandmother was dying in her assisted living place. We couldn’t even visit her though.
All we could do, was watch her cry through her room’s window…

I play poker more than most. And, if you look at my life’s story, I essentially did the best I could, even when the circumstances were a product of my poor decision making. I played the cards I was dealt. That’s all any of us can do. Just don’t fold immediately, if you have money in the pot…..

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Eat, drink fluids, sleep when you can, lay down when you can’t sleep, and keep in touch with him. Then come and let it out here. :) Thinking about you guys and sending positive thoughts to Wisconsin.

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I’m so done with Covid and all the pain it’s caused. Hugs to you, your son, and all the family. I’m so sorry you can’t be with him.

Seconding that you don’t need to feel like sleep is compulsory. Try to take care of yourself in small ways. This interactive guide might help. You like camping, don’t you? Maybe you could do that, in a tiny way? Look at the stars or clouds for a minute? Get into your sleeping bag and just listen to nighttime sounds?

Please keep us posted.

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I forgot to mention, or request, that you keep us up to date. You aren’t alone in this ride. Jellies from all over the world, share your concern, and are here for you.
Give me some good news. I don’t have much left of my finger nails…

Peace and love.

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@Jonsblond How is he doing now?

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This is what I do in situations like that.
(I have to frame it in terms of what I do because it could be horrible advice for certain people. It works great for me though).
I take 50mg Benedryl, 4mg Melatonin and a beer. Then I make sure to go to bed in 20 minutes because in 40 minutes the medicine will hit. And I make sure to close my eyes soon as I feel the heaviness hit, or else I will miss the moment and it may not work right.
Does doing that make me groggy when I wake up? Yup. But far less groggy than I’d be if I got no sleep at all.
I hope your son is recovering! Sorry you have to go through this torture

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I am so sorry @Jonsblond. I certainly wouldn’t sleep either. You can only trust he’s in good hands and will recover fully.

I will keep you in my thoughts. ((HUGS))

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Keep us posted please!

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Thank you everyone! His BP was stable enough for him to be released late this afternoon. The doctor said whole body inflammation caused his BP to drop as low as it did. It happens to some Covid patients but it’s rare.

He feels better than he did when I took him to the ER but he’s still pretty miserable. It’s all in his throat, nose, ears and burning eyes as well as headache. Luckily his lungs and oxygen level are fine. His fever is also gone. He’s happy to be home. He gave us all a scare.

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Love to you both!

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Good news! Happy for you guys!

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Hurray! Let’s call that enough, though. Let it be good from here on.

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So glad he’s doing better.

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Good news….

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That’s great. I bet he’ll recover faster in his familiar surroundings. His symptoms sound absolutely miserable, though.

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Great news.

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Thanks again! Your concern and support is appreciated so much. He’s out of his quarantined room watching Succession with his Dad. His cough has lessened and he’s gaining energy. His BP still isn’t normal but it’s close.

Amazingly neither I or his father have tested positive.

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Thank goodness you and your husband didn’t catch it. It’s great to hear he is doing much better.

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