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Do you have men's professional haircut suggestions for straight, fine hair?

Asked by gorillapaws (30003points) November 5th, 2022
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I’ve got very fine (not thinning, but the diameter of each hair shaft is pretty small) and straight hair. It doesn’t want to do much of anything. I’ve been hitting it with clippers and a #4 guard since covid just to avoid having someone breath over me for 30 minutes, and to save money.

Now that I’m in sales in a more professional context, it’s time to start getting a proper cut. If you or someone you love has fine, straight hair, what’s a style that works for you or them? I’m not opposed to using a little product, but I’m not a fan of the “wet” look or anything that’s going to require elaborate grooming rituals in the morning.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hard to know without knowing your face. The shape of your face matters a lot. Also, are you grey at all?

I like slicked back, kind of like a tradition quiff? Not puffy. If you have an oval face with a long forehead and then make a quiff puffy it’s like too much from your eyes up.

I also like men with hair loose in front like bangs (I don’t know if men use that term?) if you like your hair longer and forward on your forehead, I like it a little longer, and not glued to your forehead.

I almost always like a very tradition side part cut on most men, although on my husband it looks ridiculous, so you never know. Lol.

If you have very straight hair you have a lot of options to be very stylish. You should Google mens hairstyles short length and screen shot a few you like.

I prefer cut short with scissors, and not buzzed with clippers, especially for sales, but some people can pull off the buzz on the side and back.

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Consider getting a permanent. Because your hair is short, you’d have to have it done much more often than longer hair, but it would give your hair body that doesn’t have now, and many more hair styles would be possible to consider.

Many years ago I knew a man and he had his hair permed. His hair was also very short. It looks good.

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