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Is there a PS5 digital Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 bundle?

Asked by KRD (5259points) November 7th, 2022
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I plan on getting a PS5 soon but I don’t want a disc so I’m getting the digital version. I also want to by the new Call of Duty game so I want a bundle. I looked for a digital PS5 with Call of duty Modern warfare II and couldn’t find it. I’ve looked and I probably haven’t looked enough. Can you help?

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I must ask, why would you not want the disk version? I realize they’re just download codes these days but you can often find disc versions of games deeply discounted at retailers like Walmart, buy used games etc, etc. With digital you can’t sell and you will always pay full price. Several times now I purchased a digital copy of a game only to find it on sale a few days later at a store. It is easier to find the digital only PS5 but it’s a mistake to go that route IMO. I have managed to get five in the last year using a couple in stock notifier apps. One for me and the others for friends and family. It’s getting easier to snag a disk version. If you want the COD bundle, the ship may have already sailed on that unless they continue to release more of them. I don’t play COD so I have not looked at it but those bundles that are actually good and don’t try to package crummy games generally sell out fast.

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@Tropical_Willie It seems like is is a disk game but I have to look at it more. @Blackwater_Park I want a digital because it is cheaper and I don’t understand why you would want to fill your shelves with game when you can store them digitally.

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The PS5 with COD was a Sony exclusive. You could only purchase directly from Sony.

All ps5 games can be purchased digitally (see @Topical_Willies link)

@Blackwater_Park physical media is dead

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@KRD Long-term it’s not cheaper for several reasons. Yes the console is $100 more but you have access to second hand games and when physical discs go on sale you can often find them substantially cheaper. For example: my local walmart has the last of us for ps5 on sale for $50. If you want a digital version it’s $70. Also if you get bored of a game or realize it’s just not for you you can sell them. Over the life of your console it will save you hundreds of dollars. If you want a digital copy of a game, it works on the disc version of the console as well. Additionally, if you want to play 4K media like movies on disc you have the option. Get a digital only if you want but you’re likely going to regret it.

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@Lightlyseared Have you seen what LP sales have done in the last ten years? Have you seen how prices are trending for old physical media? Particularly old console games? Physical media is in a resurgence. That is not why I’m advocating for the disc version of the PS5. It’s going to be cheaper long-term with more options.

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@Blackwater_Park you are living in a fantasy world. Yes, vinyl sales have increased in the lst 10 years from absolutely nothing to almost nothing. Its primarily appealing to a particular group (let’s call them hipsters and it’s not sustainable). Look up record player on amazon and I will guarantee the majority of listings are using the same terrible cheap mechanism (i dare you, once you’ve seen it you can’t un see it). You can still get a decent turntable new but they aren’t cheap and most people don’t have the rest of the set up to justify the cost. Even then most times you’re better off looking at second hand stuff from 30 odd years ago and restoring it and that’s not something that has mass market appeal.
As for retro games, yes some do have value to collectors but that is the exception rather than the rule and most are worthless e-waste.
4k blurays are dead. Much easier and cheaper to stream 4k movies from the services you are already probably paying for.
You are correct that you may be able to get the physical version for cheaper but you are paying a premium on the console with the drive. And having said that there are legitimat ways of getting the digital version at a discount. The resale value of games is there but not worth considering. They depreciate faster than a new car. You may 10 bucks for last years CoD if you’re lucky.
The reason to go digital is the convenience. You don’t need the disc in the console to play it. The game follows your account so you can’t lose the thing and you don’t have to worry about accidently scratching the disc and wasting it.
Physical media is dead. It only appeals to a geeks and those who don’t know any better.

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@Lightlyseared You really could not be more wrong about vinyl players and LPs. Yes there are super cheap mass market Crosley suitcase pieces of crap. That’s an aside though. The amount of different manufacturers and models entering the LP player market are not insignificant. There is more selection now and at various quality and price points than there have been in like 40 years. Did you even look? Yes games depreciate, but you can still sell them when you’re done, you can get them on sale at cheaper rates than the online store etc…but I’m repeating what I said above and you choose to mostly ignore it. You may want to think physical media is dead, but for certain things it’s not. Start watching PS3 game prices when Sony finally does close the PS3 servers. There are some fantastic titles that can only be played on a PS3 with a physical disc. There is going to come a day when discs are dead, just not today.

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Yes I did look. Thats how I know they are alll using the same cheapo chinese mechanism. Did you?! (Im asssuming you didn’t actually look given that the you linked an amazon page of turnatables all using the exact same $5 buck mechansim, go and have a closer look!)

Dont be fooled into think that just becasue you’re paying a different amount or the name of the product is different you’re getting a different product mass produced in the same factory in China.

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@Lightlyseared No, you did not really look past the first page or so. There are like 30 pages of them. I can link a search but the results are going to depend on your Amazon history. Some of those are direct drive, with good mid-level but still affordable cartridges like the AT VW95 series. Not the ceramic crap that comes with the cheap, plastic belt drive units. I have several nice turntables and they are 100% not the cheap crosley cruiser stuff. There is a bunch of china stuff on Amazon, yes but there are plenty of brands made well like the superb Rega planar. Much more variety than even like 35–40 years ago. It is most certainly not “the same $5 mechanism”

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