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What's the best spark plug for a Honda CRV?

Asked by Aymano (7points) 3 weeks ago
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Which spark plug is best for my Honda CRV for reliability and durability.

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I believe they come with NGK.

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Call the Honda dealer or go to the Honda dealer Parts Department and ask what they recommend. You don’t have to purchase from them, because they may be more expensive than other places, but they can give you advice and you buy elsewhere.

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Go to your local auto parts store and ask the parts man. Personally, I do not recommend Champion spark plugs. AC plugs will do you as much good as the NGKs and probably cost less.

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You might want to look here. I’ve NEVER owned a Honda so I’m far from an expert; however, that site “guarantees” they only sell genuine OEM Honda spark plugs. They also have a button where you enter the pertinent info on your car & it tells you IF the plugs you’ve chosen will fit your car. Good luck!!!

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I’ve used Bosch +4 platinum plugs in my Integra and Prius with great results. The platinum tip lasts a long time and the 4 electrodes ensure you get a spark even if one of them gets burnt.

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