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What would happen to Twitter if all of its employees resigned today?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28246points) November 17th, 2022
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As asked.

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No one would notice for a few days. But by the end of the weekend, enough things would be breaking that people would notice, and pretty soon someone would have to shut it down.

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Why would that happen?

Probably Twitter could float for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if it could go rather unnoticed for a few weeks. If bills aren’t on some sort of autopay eventually the electricity would be turned off, and maybe some other sort of bill that would shut things down.

I think Twitter would be flooded with horrible hate speech and false memes. That would happen on Facebook too, it’s not just Twitter.

I know fluther is much much smaller, but we go along without anyone fixing much until a glitch happens.

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Even if Twitter could run by itself for some time, Elonski Muskowitsch would immediately start tampering with the code and begin breaking things, because he is a fucking idiot who has bought his own hype.

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@JLeslie Twitter is a complex software system, and the company has almost 4,000 employees, most of whom are software people. The systems will be designed to expect people maintaining the systems in various ways. I’d expect things to go off the rails, one way or another. In particular, once word got out that there were zero employees at work, unless there are other people from some vendor companies who still maintain the systems, moderate, and especially, people to do active security work, I’d expect the public to have a field day dumping copyrighted information, personal information, explicit videos of all sorts, and anything that’s normally be shut down. New fake accounts galore would be created and used for that. And hackers would swarm in and see how much abuse they could do – probably a lot with no security staff there to respond.

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@Zaku How long until it started breaking down? A day?

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Apparently there is hardly anyone at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Employees were supposed to acknowledge Musk’s no more remote working directive.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle: employees had until 2 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday to commit to Musk’s vision of the company or resign. Numerous Twitter employees said on the website that they had left on Thursday afternoon, some using the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked. The departures come after deep cuts of roughly half of the company’s 7,500 staff two weeks ago, forcing the company to maintain operations with a much reduced staff.

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Oh, I didn’t know Musk was ordering everyone back to their desks. Yeah, I can understand why employees are resigning. A lot of people don’t want to go to the office 5 days a week. Is Musk saying they can’t even work hybrid? Plus, I just read anyone who wants to leave gets three months severance.

My husband was recently trying to hire for a position and most candidates wanted to be remote, not even hybrid is ok with them.

I wonder how many Twitter employees are out of state? They can’t comply with showing up at the office.

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@JLeslie I don’t know enough about the details of the organization, but I expect if there were news that no one was working on the servers, then many people would almost immediately start making fake accounts, posting all sorts of wilder-than-usual stuff, and trying to hack the servers, since they’d expect no moderation or security.

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It would turn into an unmoderated cesspool of hate speech.

Which maybe the current CEOs end game anyway.

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Who Cares. Kind of like when Total Bastard Airlines closed up shop.
Knock – Knock Who’s there – BUH BYE

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I think Twitter is already imploding under Musk. I’ve been reading the same news that @zenvelo has about mass resignations and it is not just about having to come into work. People don’t want to work for a mad dictator, although recent history might contradict that.

I won’t mourn the demise of Twitter but we need to remember that it has served a strong purpose in other parts of the world for rebels and the intelligentsia in dictatorial and repressive regimes. Journalists have used it to learn facts on the ground. There is a loss of what was; it wasn’t only a cesspool.

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With the World Cup starting on Sunday, there is a good chance Twitter will implode in the next four days. Systems crashing during the biggest single source event for advertising won’t pay back the 20+ Billion dollars borrowed to fund the Twitter buyout.

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As for staff leaving.
Musk sent an email to all the remaining staff with an ultimatum: work 70+ hour weeks indefinitely, or get fired with a 3 month salary severance, with a link to click yes, and a deadline until yesterday.
According to reports, 75% of people decided to not click on the link, and take the severance instead, with the remaining 25% consisting largely of people with work visas, who have little choice but to stay on, for now.
The entire engineering team seems to have left as a whole, and now they have shut down all the offices.

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It goes belly up.

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Did employees quit Tesla because Musk is a mad dictator?

I know some of my friends who have longed for a Tesla in their garage suddenly about 6–12 months ago decided Musk is terrible and would never by a Tesla, but in all honestly I’m not up on all the supposed horrible things Musk has done in the last year.

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@JLeslie There have been numerous employment lawsuits against Tesla. Racial insults are rampant on the factory floor. Sexual harassment problems are commonplace. And Musk required everyone to come to work with no masks during the worst parts of the Covid shutdown.

People still work there because of the very high wages.

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And at least with Tesla and SpaceX you are building cars/rockets.
What is the incentive to come to work at Twitter, when the new boss’ vision for the platform is turning into 4chan?

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@JLeslie: With Tesla, as an employer, there was a vision and a concept and the exciement and energy of working on something new and revolutionary. With Twitter, it’s already established, it’s built, it exists, it’s not revolutionary because there are so many other social media sites now, and so I see it as not anything like Tesla as far as a workplace goes.

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@jca2 I agree with the excitement in the early years at Tesla, I don’t know if Tesla continues to be very innovative? If liberal employees hate Musk, they still have the dilemma of working for someone who they don’t respect on many different levels.

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@JLeslie: True, but maybe Tesla is a better employer? Maybe with Musk taking over Twitter and being such a jerk, and spiteful, it adds to the sucky aspect.

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Life goes on and new people will be hired.

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Well about half the employees who survived the first wave of layoffs have quit. 1,200 full-time employees effectively resigned by choosing to not to opt-in to Musk’s Google Form agreeing they’d participate in his “extremely hardcore” version of Twitter.

Thursday’s resignations included Twitter’s payroll department, U.S. tax team and financial reporting team.

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I wouldn’t notice for an eternity or until someone asked a Q on here. It would also give Elon a better excuse to file for bankruptcy. I would guess that he could replace ALL of them in no time flat IF he so chose!!!

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