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Do you stick your tongue out or make a peace sign when someone takes your picture?

Asked by RayaHope (7308points) November 24th, 2022
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I see so many people do this it’s not even original anymore.

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No, I just hold up a sign with an alphanumeric code on it.

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I mean, there definitely are pictures of me doing that but most of them were probably taken before I was 18. I don’t generally like having my photo taken, so I’ll do anything to make it feel less uncomfortable. Most of the time I just do my usual “camera smile”, which is more subtle and more obviously fake than a real smile, but that’s what you get. :P

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Who said I was original?
>> ;-P <<

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Peace sign, yes. But I have never stuck my tongue out.

Original? Is there a thing as original in taking photos? I just do what I think looks good for me.

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I just smile.

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I suck my belly fat in instead.

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I try not to ruin people’s photos. I think it’s rude and stupid to do it deliberately. I hardly have one nice photo of my brother under the age of 60.

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^^ Are you sure? lol!

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Ya I’ m sure @RayaHope, I wasn’t 72 in 1951!

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Nope. But I am no Einstein either.

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No, I make a gigantic smile instead.

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