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How can you find out which service has a specific movie?

Asked by Jeruba (55162points) November 24th, 2022
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Old movies in particular.

Is there some site that’s like an aggregate index that will tell you which rental or streaming site has some particular movie? Like if I wanted to see, say, The Ten Commandments, it would point me to Netflix or Amazon or wherever.

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Are you able to vocally command your television through your remote control? We currently have this capability, and It’s simply a matter of stating the command “search everywhere for” then naming the movie or program I have in mind. The screen then displays the platform(s) on which the requested movie is available, along with pertinent details such as whether the feature is free, running times, cast, synopsis, etc. The feature is particularly handy for jumping between streaming services through simply saying “you tube” or HBO max”, etc. Our service is xfinity, and we had the service for months with me completely ignorant of this feature. The wife for the most part still doesn’t use it. She dances through the process with her fingers at baffling speed and employing mysterious methods that must be witchcraft.

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I have a Roku stick for my TV viewing. This was strongly suggested by our mutual friend @johnpowell, by the way.
There is a search function on the main home screen where you can enter the movie name and the results will show the services and channels that have it. For the most part it is reasonably accurate and complete but it does miss some obscure movies occasionally.
I will check out the site @longgone suggested above and compare results.

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IMDB has a wonderfully useful spot on each movie’s page that tells you where to watch said movie.

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Hmmm… if you want a service that can offer old movies regularly maybe subscribe to Mubi or Criterion. Those sites specialize in old classic and obscure movies. You can even buy DVD on Criterion.

Or if you just want a site with movie index then you can just use IMDB.

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I google “how can i watch ______” and it usually comes up with the different streaming services that have that movie. I always check each one to try to find a free one, because I don’t like paying if i can find it for free.

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I use for that mostly and it lists the movies and then where to watch them.

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I’m also a fan of the Roku search option. I used to use IMDB a lot; but since Amazon took over, I find they tend to recommend what will make Amazon money!!! With Roku, they show what any channel will be charging down to what you can watch for free.

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Just watch. And my letterboxd account links to Just watch so I see it there.

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What filmfann said.

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I use ReelGood to track series and movies. You enter what services you have and it lists them. You can ‘track’ a thing you want to watch to come back later. It’s not a perfect site, but it’s not bad.

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I use JustWatch to find which service has what I want to watch.

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