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Is this a good christmas present?

Asked by ragingloli (51258points) November 27th, 2022
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I am tempted to get one, but I imagine the shipping costs would be insane.

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That’s hilarious.

Not entirely related.
But makes me think of these.

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I broke my rule and clicked on one of your links! :-)

Yes, loli, I’d be very happy if you bought that for me for Christmas! The penguin I sleep with is getting kind of tired.

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Oh, dear, what kind of ads am I going to get now?

Is he anatomically correct?

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I am sure he can be easily retrofitted with aftermarket parts.
A strap-on should be simple enough, but additional orifices may need surgery.

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I hesitated & then clicked on the link. Then I held my breath until it loaded (took its own sweet time loading too & I dayum near passed out while waiting). I do like the idea, but I never saw the price because I feared clicking on the buy button. I don’t need any atermarket parts, so it wouldn’t cost that much if you want to give me one for Christmas!!!

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I don’t click on any links.

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That’s similar to giving someone else’s kids drums as a present. It seems like a good idea….until the practical implications arrive. Where am I going to put this? Will I ever really use it? Is it just an eyesore in my living room?

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I clicked the link because @janbb did…umm kinda creepy. I would think there was a man in my bed and probably freakout every night.

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From the photo evidence, he clearly has a stable of babes to deal with already. And I suspect he is quite fit and blessed with the flexibility essential to “professional” cuddling. Those photos also indicate the unusual gift of plenty of spare joints unavailable to the rest of us, which implies he might contort and compact himself into a tidy cube. I wonder if he is available through Amazon, and might be shipped free. Are you hinting for a surprise present?

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@ragingloli It ships from Bulgaria and only weighs 7 lbs, so maybe shipping isn’t too bad.

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I’ll take one! PM me for my address.

I sleep with three pillows. I could eliminate two if I added this. It looks like a great body pillow to sleep with.

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Ummm…Two questions:
Is it washable?
Can my small business offer aftermarket accessories? We can make anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

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@smudges Did you notice the price before shipping???

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@LadyMarissa Yes, the price is $160.00. If a person is interested they can fill out the ordering information, which would give the price for shipping. I decided not to since I don’t want one and figured loli could if she wanted to know.

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^^ THANKS…You made it further than I did!!!

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