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What are some public places where It is ok to loiter?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24195points) November 27th, 2022
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Also where are the worst places to loiter?

Humor welcome.

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Parks are for loitering.
Probably not at a police parking lot.

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The local gaol.

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An indoor Mall, okay.

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A Loiter Box. That’s where my cats loiter.

Note – this is both an answer to best and worst place to loiter.

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I loiter at the public library, makes me look smart. hehe

Loitering in a dark alleyway at night would be a very bad place to be.

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You can loiter on a beach for a long time. Also at a bus stop.

I would avoid loitering on certain street corners.

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It would not be a good idea to loiter in front of a mail-in ballot collection box

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Public docks. Avoid playgrounds.

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Good- Farmers market

Bad- Grade school playground

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Back in the stone age when phones were actually phones and you had to buy a dedicated GPS if you wanted positional information, I was in Washington, DC for a meeting. While there, I decided to find a geocache that someone had hidden just outside the fence near the White House. Yes. That White House! I was being very discreet and only peeking at my GPS occasionally while walking slowly to get bearings. Any time someone approached i put everything in my pocket so I would not be noticed. Very discreet indeed.
At one point, I pulled out the GPS for a peek and while distracted, someone snuck up behind me unnoticed. Some big guy murmured into my ear: “I know what you’re doing. Just keep going. You’re heading in the right direction.”
I quietly said “Thank you.” and found it.
So bad place to loiter? In front of the White house.

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Above Russian positions in Ukraine, if you are a loiter munition.

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