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What is a non-corny way to write William Shatner back in to canon?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23518points) November 27th, 2022
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As Kirk?
In Generations he was killed off.

Humor welcome.

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Time travel.

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Clone or feedback loop in transporter holding his equivalent. Hollow deck A.I. that’s an exact copy from matter replicator image of his mind. I don’t know why you would want that fucker back though.

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You could extract a copy of Kirk from the Nexus.
An alternate version of Kirk comes from an parallel universe.
Evil Kirk could cross over from the Mirror Universe.
Someone could create a sentient hologram, or an android, of Kirk.

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@ragingloli He was already pulled out of the nexus right? Evil kirk, that’s a good way.

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You could retcon it, and say that you never really leave the Nexus once you are inside it.

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I’m sure the Q continuum could put Captain Kirk back together again. Timba, his arms wide!

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There was an episode in which V’ger (Voyager 6) assimilated Kirk :

So, the logical/Vucan thing to do would be to access V’ger’s memory, download Kirk’s file and implant it in a sentient android…

OH MY GAWD – I’m a TREK GEEK!!!! 0.0

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Kirk wakes up in bed next McCoy. It was all a dream.

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Please. He would wake up next to Spock.

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Considering that Shatner is now 91 years old, and not exactly in the best of health, the prospects of any script with him as integral to the plot are worse than slim. Consider the time it takes for a movie or series to go from conception through to completion. Then ask yourself who might risk their money financing a project with one of the principal roles slated to a man virtually chained to the angel of death? Would you risk your money on Bill being available at the onset of production, let alone withstanding the rigors of the process once begun. I suppose he could be portrayed as appearing comatose in a futuristic process where he appears dead but his mind remains agile. The plot might then consist of flashbacks on dynamic events in the life of the dashing hero played by a younger actor.

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They just shot that 91 year old into space. He’s still pretty healthy. Regardless, they can still CGI him in all they want.

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JLoon her sails unfurled. RayaHope and Jloon at fluther. RayaHope her arms wide.

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I thought about that. I thought Kirk and McCoy had a nice Odd Couple vibe.

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Scotty gets no love?

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He only had eyes for his engines.

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@RayaHope – I think that means we get shot out of the canon with Shatner.

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@JLoon….back to the Lower Decks for us..

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