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How do I keep from drooling on my pillows when I sleep?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23822points) November 30th, 2022
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Sometimes I drool other times I have dry mouth.
What can I do for both?

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Here’s where @Jeruba ‘s previous input comes to mind. There are vinyl protectors in which you can zip your pillows, then insert the entire shebang in pillowcases. Considering your revelation from the previous pillow question, I find the implications around where you rest your head rather troubling.

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I also drool on my pillowcases every night and wash them often.

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I could tell you but any helpful comments I could make would get pulled. Sorry.

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1) If your nose is stuffed or runny, you will instinctively open your mouth to breathe. That will need to dry mouth and drool. So if you have allergies or something going on… deal with that.

2) A big problem this time of year is dry air. Colder air holds less moisture and dries your sinuses out. Plus, if your heater is running, that’s burning the air, drying it even more. I run a humidifier in my bedroom and it helps. I’m not saying it solves everything, but it definitely reduces the problem.

3) Sleep on your side, but not with your head angling downward. I find that encourages open mouth.

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You don’t use pillowcases and drool on your pillows? Ummm….ewwww

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Initially, it hit me that way as well. Your mind races as you imagine just how many nights you might persist before you throw away the pillow. But hey, I don’t anticipate bunking with RDG, and I’m not completely convinced that my reaction isn’t due to the iron discipline enforced by my “better half”. I’ve toed the line for so long, I suspect I am by now completely disabused of the joys of bachelorhood. Oh for the days when I could ignore a sink load of dirty dishes, stumble through piles of dirty laundry and just hop into an unmade bed without fear of retribution.

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Well, you could tuck a folded tissue under your cheek when you sleep on your side. Or even a cloth diaper. We found they were handy for a lot of things even though we didn’t put them on babies’ bottoms.

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You said in another question that you don’t use pillowcases. Please use cases as well as waterproof pillow protectors. I doubt you can stop the occasional drool, so prepare for it.

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Normalize nose breathing during your waking hours. After a certain point you will nose breathe while sleeping too.

Lots of other health benefits too!

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