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Should this headache be a concern?

Asked by raum (12822points) November 30th, 2022
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I’ve had a headache since 11:30am.

I’ve taken Advil. I’ve drank lots of water. I’ve had caffeine. I’ve turned off the lights.

It’s nearly 10:30pm and I still have a headache. It’s not severe or anything. But it’s probably the longest headache I can remember ever having.

Is there a point where I should be concerned?

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Make sure you don’t have any gas leaks or anything burning in the house and that your carbon monoxide detectors are working.

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We have carbon monoxide detectors. And they all seem to be in working order.

Though we did recently get a new furnace installed. Wonder if it’s off gassing something that’s triggering my headache?

No one else seems to have a headache. Though I tend to be the canary in the coal mine because I’m usually more sensitive to things than most people.

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Do you have a blood pressure checker? Someone from my job had a bad headache, and long story short the doctor told him to go to the ER and it turned out he had a blood pressure condition.

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Did your headache get better?

Where on your head? Front forehead or top of your head? One side?

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I would just try to sleep tonight and just worry if you wake up with it tomorrow

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Woke up and headache is finally gone. Hallelujah!

@jca2 We do have one. Though headache wasn’t super bad. Just miserably long.

@JLeslie Top and back of the head.

@janbb All good for now. Just need to knock on wood that it doesn’t come back!

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@raum I don’t recall your location but we had a 80 plus degree day Tuesday with a major drop Tuesday night. Many of us had pressure headaches all day on Tuesday due to the front moving in.
Perhaps your area had a similar change?

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@KNOWITALL That’s an interesting possibility I hadn’t considered.

Though it looks fairly consistent yesterday for San Francisco Bay Area.

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Could be dust particles or something as a result ot the volcanic activity on Hawaii.

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The only time I get headaches is when I manage to get any amount of brake fluid on my hands. I’m extra sensitive too it. Not cleaner, but fluid. It was the same thing for me, “why do I have this headache?” Took a while before I put 2&2 together. It could easily be something like that.

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@elbanditoroso That’s interesting! Hope @Hawaii_Jake is doing okay.

@Blackwater_Park I think that’s it! Not brake fluid. But chemical trigger. I had a huge beanbag in the back of my car yesterday. And sprayed it with an unscented Febreze. Starting driving around with it when my headache started. The headache ebbed and flowed throughout the day, but worse after using the car.

Thanks, @all! Mystery solved (plus a lot of good information and food for thought.)

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I never get headaches. So were one to occur that persists, I believe I would undergo the undisguised and agonizingly frustrating headache of seeking medical attention. The rigors of navigating the process should be enough to take your mind off your other headache. Seriously, if you have a lingering headache, and it’s exceptional for you, see somebody about it.

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@raum I was going to tell you to wait it out until morning, but that would have broken my rule of giving medical advice, so instead I posted about the CO detectors. So I’m glad you followed it and I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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@Caravanfan A good rule (to not give medical advice). And some good advice (about CO detector)—even if it wasn’t the case this time. Still good to know. Thanks!

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