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Roll Call: If you live in Moore County NC, are you OK?

Unless I missed it, I’ve seen nobody asking about the attack on the substations in Moore County, NC. As of this afternoon, 1 out of ever 3 people living in that county have no electricity & it appears that it will be Thursday at the earliest before things can be repaired. Temps there were in the lower 30’s when this happened on Sunday. I think I heard that about 65% of the residents are over 65. They are beginning to get some shelters opened to assist those affected. My thought is…how is anybody to know about the shelters with no phone, computer, or TV? I only know of 2 jellies who live in NC & 1 shouldn’t be affected due to her location. The other, I don’t know where he lives, but I see that he has been responding to posts here recently, so assuming that he is OK. I really HATE assuming anything.

Time for a roll call even if it takes a couple of days to be able to respond.

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