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Is Dr. J. Getting a Festive Hat This Year ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (30484points) December 8th, 2022
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It is that time of year to ask about the holiday outfit; that Dr. J. will wear.

Hope the costumer is available for a makeover.

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Christmas is canceled. Santa has been crippled by the sanctions against Russia, and he has no fuel for his sled or his robot reindeer. His lead reindeer, Rudolph, also has been shipped to the Ukrainian front, and has reportedly been killed by Artillery fire from a PzH2000.

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Once again loli is a bummer !

You’re going to get coal in your stocking and a bill to pay for it including transportation cost of 10,000 Euros.

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He’s got his hat and his (candy) cane now! Just noticed it.

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There really is a Dr. J santa!

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Thank you @Ben and @SavoirFaire !

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Hurray! Hurray! Just a little while ago, it was still everyday Dr. J.

Thank you, @Ben. @SavoirFaire, did you arrange this? Thank you. Our humble traditions still mean something to us. Merry Whatever You Celebrate.

@ragingloli, what do you celebrate?

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Breaking news: CNN has received a CIA intelligence briefing confirming that the Christmas elves have overthrown their former slaver and tormentor, Santa Claus, in a violent revolution.

According to the briefing, the elves, who have long been exploited by Santa for their skilled labor in his workshop, have risen up against their oppressor and taken control of the North Pole. In a statement issued by the newly-formed Elf Council, the elves announced that they have put Santa’s head on a spike as a symbol of their victory.

The CIA briefing also reveals that the elves have declared the North Pole a free and independent territory, and have vowed to never again be subjected to the tyrannical rule of Santa Claus.

The Elf Council has issued a statement calling on the international community to recognize their sovereignty and to support their efforts to rebuild their society based on equality and justice.

The CIA has advised the US government to monitor the situation closely and to consider diplomatic options in dealing with the newly-established elf government.

This is a developing story and CNN will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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Faux Newz ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ loli

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I don’t see him. :(

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