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If die-hard Trump followers think that Trump is still the President, then wouldn't that make him ineligible to run for President in 2024?

Asked by jca2 (15289points) December 8th, 2022
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Followers of Q-Anon and other die-hard Trumpers feel that Trump is still President (google it, it’s true). If that’s the case, then wouldn’t Trump be ineligible to run for President in 2024?

This is playing Devil’s Advocate, because I don’t believe it, but I want to see what people may say to defend the stance.

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You really anticipate a defense here?

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It’s like my time travel. If I believe that I am 26,500+ years old then I should apply for seniors benefits in Canada, and not for disability.

I mentioned it in my census report, and they haven’t gotten back to me. I did however have to file extra reports.

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@jca2 @jca2 @jca2 you are making a logical argument.

BY now you should know that logic and Trumpism simply don’t go together.

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Tangerine make-up and logic . . . .does not compute !

Followers with a fourth grade education (most of them) don’t believe in the Constitution, Trump doesn’t either !

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So, try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Imagine you TRULY BELIEVED that epic fraud had taken place in 2020. Your boy has been denied a chance to govern. Would this logic truly convince you? Of course not.

Nor is it particularly important. Trump has about the same chance of being President in 2024 as I do. There’s no way he can win a general election after the way he went down in 2020. The irony is…if he had accepted the loss gracefully, he actually might have been a serious threat for 2024. Prior to covid, the economy was actually reasonably strong. So much so that even Democrats were terrified that voters would just vote their pocketbook and he might win a second term.

So if he doesn’t go fraud nutty, after Biden’s term of stagflation, Trump would have a pretty serious argument to make. I’m not sure if it would be enough to win…but he’d be a serious and credible candidate.

But because of his nutty and seditious finish, there’s no way anyone left of Tucker Carlson is voting for Trump. No moderate Dems, no Independents, no moderate Reps. You can’t win like that. That middle group being divided over who was worse, Hillary or Donald is what got him the win in 2016. But now, he’s left no doubts who is worse…it’s Trump. No matter who is in the room, Trump is the weaker candidate. Trump vs a literal donkey….donkey wins.

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LuckyGuy wrote on another Q that if Trump won he can’t run again. I would have thought that the person actually needs to serve as president twice for it to count as two terms, but it seems the specific wording is just being elected counts.

It really doesn’t matter. His groupies will make it make sense in their brains no matter what the facts are.

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It’s a good argument to abolish term limits, then Trump could keep winning and ensure that America is kept great without communist Democrats destroying the country each time they steal an election.

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^I love how when a Democrat wins, they cheated and stole the election. When a Republican wins, it’s a fair vote. {{{eyeroll}}}

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Fuck Trump!

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Not at all. The Trump votes weren’t counted correctly as two Trump votes plus another two Trump votes make a total of five. (George Orwell told us that) Once elected Trump would then simply rewrite the constitution.

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Of course, it makes him ineligible. But those people are impervious to logic or reason. They live in their own little gaga land.

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It’s not any different than all the idiots who spent 2017–2021 insisting Trump was not their president. You can’t expect rational thoughts & actions from crazy people.

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@cheebdragon It’s not the same. You missed the nuance. The idiots were making a point sadly impossible for Trump supporters (and of course Trump himself) to distinguish. Ask yourself if there might be a difference between THE President and MY President.

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@HP It does not matter what political party you subscribe to.
It does not matter what amount of disdain, or favor, you hold for his policies. Fact is, the moment he was sworn in- he was OUR president.

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Or Russia’s @cheebdragon ! !

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@cheebdragon so there is no distinction? Let’s return to the idea of his supporters incapable of distinguishing/accepting the difference.

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His legal staff is about to throw him “under the bus” and have him certify he has turned over ALL CLASSIFIEDS documents ! !


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