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Do you pay attention to price scans while shopping?

Seventy stores in 38 counties in NC have been fined for charging more than the item was priced on the shelf. Some were only 2 cents, some much more. That’s one thing I like about self-scanning, I can closely watch what the scanner is pricing. I tend to pay attention to the price showing on the shelf for the item. Then when I check out, I usually remember & compare as the register rings it up. If it’s only a few cents off, I don’t worry about it; however, if it’s over a dollar, I call the person who watches the scanners to assist in fixing the problem. I had one item that rang up $10 over the shelf price. Needless to say, the people behind me called me a lot of names that day. Funny thing that I’ve noticed is that I’m never undercharged as it’s always in the store’s favor.

Do you pay attention to prices & know when you are overcharged for an item when shopping?

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