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What is it like to be a prostitute?

Asked by girlofscience (7556points) September 21st, 2008
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I often wonder what pushes someone to the point where they decide to become a prostitute. It must be quite a moment, when a person makes such a decision. I routinely browse the Erotic Services section of Craigslist and am saddened to see so many young girls who appear to be perfectly normal girls who are trying to pay for their education. Ten years later, when the girl in question has an established career and is in a committed relationship, what must it be like for her (and her partner) to deal with the fact that she was previously a prostitute?

Other than those kind of situations, though, I’m also generally interested in what it is like to be a prostitute. Do any prostitutes decide to not service a client after meeting them because the client is too repulsive/horrible? Do prostitutes have serious relationships outside of their jobs? Do prostitutes hate themselves for what they do? What is the mindset of most prostitutes?

+ many more questions.

Please share what you know or think about prostitutes.

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Sorry I don’t have any insight in this question, but it made me laugh.

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I am just trying to figure out why it landed in my “Questions for You”.....hmmmm. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something…..

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I think the key here is desperation. I have two stories about people turning to prostitution but they’re too long; I’ll email them to you.

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Never been one to go into this realm, but depending on your market and your level of attraction you get ahead and live it up. Have you considered porn? Not that I endorse that but it tends to be better moderated and not as shady. One can land you in jail the other might make you famous and land you in jail too! I like a line from a Michael Penn song. I think the song is “Brave New World” and the line is “Rode up in a Beemer with a Classy Whore!” There is more to the song than that and its not even a song about prostitution or whores. At any rate hope you are just interested in the topic and not really feeling like your last resort. Cheers!

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Depends whether you are a crack whore or a $1000 an hour escort. Probably if you’re charging a thousand bucks a time you’re pretty happy.

If you’re interested you could have a look at Belle de Jour’s blog which has been turned into a book and TV series.

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I agree with seared – it all depends on the circumstances. A prostitute trapped by drugs and an abusive pimp and forced to sell herself is worlds away from someone who chooses her profession. For the latter, I assume the decision is similar to deciding to do porn – for many it’s based simply on liking sex and liking money.

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Great fun!
But I prefer the term “gigolo”.

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Bust just (sometime around August 2008) had an article about hipster callgirls, might be worth a check-out.

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Astro: Is postman merely a euphemism, then?
How many times do you knock?

Sorry. That was predictable, but I had to ask.

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Yes. People pay me to play “post office.”

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I don’t know if I could be classified as having been a prostitute but I did several favors for some boys and a girl, for money, in college. They needed it. I needed money. I actually enjoyed the job. Heck, I’d probably do it again for the fun of it (even though I don’t need the money and greatly prefer females to males). I never had a moments remorse.

All of that said, I do feel sorry for people who are forced into prostitution for whatever reason. It is hardly a victimless crime in many instances.

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THIS is a fantastic place to get started. You’d think she’s glamorizing it. Read carefully, she isn’t.

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You might like this.
It’s funny at first, but by the end you realize how sad it all is. Poor girl.

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@Snoopy—Because the question is tagged with “money” and you have that listed as one of your areas of expertise.

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@MacBean whew. thank goodness :)

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@jkwells1: I was just interested in the topic! And no, I have not considered porn either!!

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I found out that my best gf from high school was a prostitute. She met this guy, who got her into it. She has stories up the wazoo (no pun intended). I never understood why she ‘supported’ this guy…then he went away and she still did it, but kept the money for herself. She ended up getting a house from an old man, he died, left her the house and now she’s living with this redneck guy. She also drinks heavily.

Of all the stories she told me, she never said he was repulsed by anyone. She didn’t stand on the street corner tho and do $20 jobs. She had a lot of older, married guys who’s wives didn’t like oral sex. She saw it as a job.

Whatever the reason ppl prostitute themselves; it has to take it’s toll both mentally and physically.

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Thanks to those of you who provided such fascinating links! I really enjoyed reading the blogs you provided. You all gave some interesting insight into exactly what I was looking for.

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it’s rough. Sometimes I would just sit there crying and yelling at my penis “DAMM YOU! DAAAAAM YOU!!, LOOK WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING ME THROUGH!” For what?...Money?....attention?....what?....then i would just cry myself to sleep in the bathtub…boo hoo hoo

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Ahhhhh I’ve got it… Hard Candy! Probably only horrific if you’re a man though

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Oh jesus lightlyseared i was once forced to watch that with an ex. I contemplated suicide the entire movie.

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Hard Candy was funny? Comedy, yes? lol

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You know I’ve just realised I posted my previous response to the wrong question

It should have ended up here


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you know what i just realized. I responded to your response thinking it was the other question. ......i guess i fail too :)

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I remember reading that a lot of promiscuous girls were abused (surprise?) when they were young. Their brain kinda tells them they have a choice of making the experience pretty traumatic, because sex is really special and it was done to them, or it can cheapen the “value”/significance of sex, and they kinda give it away. Make sense? I thought it did, so that’s what I’ll go by.

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as a former one i would not turn down a cleint cause of what he r she looks like. i had to do it cause of a family problem and we needed the money. thank god i never been hurt r anything i don’t do drugs and i don’t have a pimp and now im in medical school becoming an medical examnier. i don’t hate myself and i would do it again.

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I have known many prostitutes. These girls you are coming across on craigslist are probably doing this only because they have seen this new “trend” on television. Do you remember when the “virgin” auctioned out her body to the highest bidder and it was somewhere around a million dollars I think that she got paid. The media influences our young females. The majority of women who are true prostitutes do this for one reason: ADDICTION. When drugs take over the mind, all morals and self worth go out the window. After you have lost your job due to your drug habit, pawned all your belongings and have no other option, that is usually when they turn to prostitution. I met my girlfriend in rehab. she is struggling with prostitution. This has caused a great deal of mistrust in our relationship.. it also makes me wonder if perhaps she is only seeing me as another client. There are many damaging things about this lifestyle. Her mother is a prostitute, her friends are in the “business” as well. once they get in this lifestyle it becomes so common place that they become desensitized to it. She has been raped, robbed, almost killed by clients. It is a horrible place to be. She does hate herself for doing the things she has done but this hatred, in turn, is what feeds her need for that altered state of mind and there again she must have money… it is a viscous cycle. Unless you are in this situation you will never fully understand why it happens. I hope this answers your question.

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I pay taxes on my so called earnings..

Why shouldn’t they?

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Why would it make a difference if she was paid or not? If she was the neighborhood bicycle (everyone got a ride) it would not make a difference if they got her on her back for free, a back of Cheetos, dope, dinner, or Jimmy Choo shoes. I can’t say what it is like or what is the catalyst, those gals in the past who were prostitutes maybe did not see themselves as that as much as getting paid for what they give away free these days anyhow. Most of them, as oppose to the strippers, did it to support a dope habit. Those I knew who stripped did so for extra money, excitement, pay for school or car note and gas. Once they had what they needed they stopped or stopped until the need came up again. I have heard of women and met one that says when she has no food for her children or can’t make the light bill, she find some guy who will pay her to root through her sugar walls until he bust a nut. It can be desperation with some, but others see it as getting paid for getting pleasure they would normally not get anything monetarily for. Supposedly in Storybrook there were both kinds as I am sure there are at the Bunny Ranch too.

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I was a prostitute for almost a year in my early 20s. It was my choice to start after I was fired from my job at a salon and needed rent money. But I continued it because I met a man who got me hooked on pain pills and I started supporting OUR $300 a day habit. I have never turned down a client because they were unattractive. It was my job to provide a service. My only regret is that I have nothing to show for all the money i made. But I would most likely do it again

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