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Will Jellies exposed to the brutal weather please update us as to how you are doing?

Asked by janbb (62118points) 3 months ago
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Just seeing footage of ice and freezing rain in Kansas and other parts of the Midwest. Brutal weather supposed to affect large parts of the country.

if you’re travelling for the holidays or just at home, please check in over the next few days and let us know how you’re doing.

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Cold and wind only in North Carolina. Forecast on Saturday morning is 10 * F at sunrise. Winds on Friday maybe gusts of 50 MPH ! ! !

Hope everybody stays safe !

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We have some rain and wind here too. Tomorrow supposed to drop during the day from about 50 to about 10 by overnight! Very cold over the weekend.

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I’m going to be exposed to harsh weather and road rage tomorrow driving to join family for the holidays.

But I’m packing my best blow dryer and looping Diana Krall through my earbuds.

I’ll be fine.

Thank you penguin ;)

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@Tropical_Willie My sister is supposed to be flying into N.C. tomorrow from Houston. Cold and windy in Houston, too: 20F

In Nebraska it’s -7 and windy, will get down to -15 tonight; high of 1 tomorrow.

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We are having a real cold snap here in BC been hanging around -35c and that’s -31f for those that want to know.
Not going anywhere for Christmas.

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It will hit here in 4 hours (10AM) I am ready! No surprise.

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Was -48 c windchill here yesterday. I stayed indoors. Supposed to warm up tomorrow.

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We received 5inches of snow yesterday and today our windchills will be -29/-39 F all day and night. We might be upgraded to a ground blizzard with the winds that are forecasted. It’s too cold to shovel the sidewalks but thankfully the city is giving us until noon on Christmas Day to remove it. I’ve been sick with Influenza A so I haven’t left the house and luckily my husband doesn’t work today thanks to the holiday. Our adult sons in central Illinois have the same forecast so they will be coming up for New Year’s instead of this weekend.

I’m depressed mostly because I’ve been very sick all week but this weather isn’t helping. We still have heat and the grocery store is only two blocks down the road so I shouldn’t complain.

Our actual temp right now at 10am is -8 F with a windchill of -29.

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@Jonsblond Sending a hug from far away!

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I love penguin hugs. Thank you! <3

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On the High Plains of Colorado we had only a few inches of snow. Not unusual. However We only had a high in single digits of Fahrenheit yesterday and today. That is the unusual thing, especially bad for the growing homeless unhoused population here.

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It’s zero degrees right now. The wind isn’t as bad as it was, but still blowing.

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8:15 PM 6F with 40 mph winds. Yikes!
Warm and dry in the house. We haven’t lost power but many people have. From the outage site about 8,000 customers out of 300,000

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9 F with very gusty winds here in NJ. It was in the 40s earlier today! Power is on and I just watched Prime snuggled under a comforter.

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8:30 PM 12/23 winds have dropped to 4 MPH and temperature has dropped 22* F.

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We are warm and cozy in the Midwest. We have down sleeping bags, a wood stove, a gas generator, lots of food and a camp stove. We are Fine. My son and his wife were driving from Chicago to our house and just totaled his car, so we will drive up there to get them tomorrow.

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@snowberry I’m sorry to hear about your son’s car! Anybody hurt?

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@snowberry I hope no one was hurt in the wreck.

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Car was totaled but everybody’s fine. Thanks for asking

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12/24/2022 low 13* F with wind chill of 1* F, wind has dropped 9 MPH at sunrise. Gust were as high as 20 MPH overnight. We’re all warm and toasty.

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Rolling blackouts here. Power has been on and off all morning. We are out of the danger zone now though. My thermometer said 3 degrees this morning.

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Sunny and 14 degrees with wind gusts up to 19mph. Typical winter day for the area.

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Warming up here it’s only -8*C and is supposed to get to +6*C Monday and start raining.

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Oh no- it’s 79º F and the water from our last rainfall is starting to evaporate from my lawn! ;(

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Buffalo, about 70 miles west of here, got over 6 feet of snow. We have about 4–6 inches and are expecting a few more inches tonight. But the drifts are amazing! Many feet high!

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After two days of wind driven rain and 50°F weather, we woke up this morning and (good news) most of the water magically disappeared but (bad news) the temperature dropped to single digits. The sun was out though, so no complaints here.

((WARM HUGS)) to all Jellies dealing with worse.

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The storm seems to have passed. It is much warmer. this morning, 21F, -5C and will get up to 26F later today. I will probably clear my driveway during the warm spell. Warm air is coming in on Friday. Nice!

Side note, As an experiment I tried not use any heating oil during this cold snap. For the past 6 days I only used my basement wood burning stove and some portable electric heaters to provide heat. The system worked. But, it sure is a lot of work and not practical if you don’t have an endless supply of wood. How did our ancestors do it?

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We survived but were at home, Christmas delayed a week. Lots of people lost water and/or well’s. Temps were incredibly cold but back to 50 degrees by tomorrow.

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@LuckyGuy How did our ancestors do it?
When I was very young we lived in a small rural town in what is now the Chicago suburbs. We had running water, but no hot water. We had a coal-fired stove in the front room and an oil-fired cookstove.

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Chicago area here. I made it through!

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Denver area here, just made it through one round and headed for the next.

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