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How do I let go when someone is making me out to be wrong when I am not?

Asked by wearemiracles (467points) December 23rd, 2022
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Somebody on here is dead set on making me out to be guilty of offending others and now them. I tried to protect myself with the truth in meta, while not revealing any names, but it got deleted.

This is the one thing in life I struggle with most is craziness and mind games and I can’t let it go.

How do you let go when you know what you know and what the other person is doing and why but they have an advantage over you and are motivated by a failed attempt to subdue you. I can’t take it.

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Sorry @wearemiracles, but crazy lives here. If you stay, you need to develop a very thick skin. Unfortunately It’s impossible to block people here, so if you click on a question that your troll has posted on, you’re stuck at looking at their messages whether you want to read them or not. Maybe some folks have the ability to skip over the trolls, but I always end up reading everything.

I have found it helpful to maintain a strong sense of humor. I have been accused of so many bizarre and polar opposite things that it would be impossible for one person to have all those qualities. I have come to understand that my accusers tell me more about themselves than they do about me.

Anyway, you have a friend in me.

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@snowberry were you the person I spoke with in meta?

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I don’t think I have posted on any of the meta questions lately.

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I wish I knew what you are talking about @wearemiracles I did not see your post in meta. I doubt that I could possibly help you but I’m willing to try or at least listen if you want to tell me.

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@RayaHope It’s just that I can’t help but confront and call people out when they are being clever and tricky and then they become even more tricky and evasive and then turn it around on me like I started it or I’m doing something wrong. They play unfair. They were being vague and tricky. It makes me look childish I know but I’ve let go of everything in my life already because I had no choice because of this. I lost everything through this very thing. I have literally nothing not even a home. I am on here for a short while and will have to go back to nothing and even here its happening again. Its hard to take as silly as it may be. People don’t understand how destructive this thing is. And always out of some concealed hatred in them. who is there to uphold truth? Where is that authority? Why don’t people see it or care? What more can I lose? Why don’t people follow the rules of truth?

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^^ Oh My God! I’m gonna tell you something I never told anyone. So many times in my short life I have found someone that I thought I had some kind of bond with only for them to disappear. It has already happen here a couple of times and I just started here in July right after my 17th birthday and NOW you are doing the same thing!


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@RayaHope Well not to creep you out but you are probably my best friend. And we’re not even friends. Nor can we be cos you’re in school. But thank you for being the nicest person on here. I’ll probably just keep posting stuff now till I get banned.

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The only thing you can do is tell the people who you matter to and let them decide what is true and what is not. It’s all you can do.

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@wearemiracles In the end it is best to just let it go. In the big picture of life, these things are not healthy to battle or hold onto.

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Do you have any evidence that they are harassing you? If you believe you are being harassed and wrongfully blamed, you can message the mods with all the evidence you have and let the mods sort things out. It’s generally not a good idea to make it a question in meta because of all the restrictions this site has. Besides, it’s better to sort things out once and for all instead of making a post which could be too vague for anyone to accurately assert things.

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Discuss it with the mods. They can see things that they deleted and they can see pm’s, so if someone was offensive, they will review it.

As far as letting it go, I know your feelings are valid but with social media, you have to have somewhat of a thick skin. Try to focus on other things that are good, like the holidays, or your personal relationships, or your pets, or hobbies.

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I wish I could delete this. It was totally out of line and crazy on my part.

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Can’t you just ignore them?

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@wearemiracles Something you will learn if you stay on these pages (or really any internet pages), is that much of what is put out here is opinion. And there are those that get offended if you don’t agree with them, even if they are wrong. I would suggest taking it as a clue as to their character and move on. Don’t play their game.

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