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Best programming language for a niche jobboard?

Asked by milancabati (2points) December 23rd, 2022
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I know that there are many wordpress templates for job boards, but are they really suitable for everyday use if you want to publish many jobs?

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No. WordPress is pretty terrible for most applications.

It’s subjective, but for my tastes and skills, the best thing to use would be the Wt framework, which is based in C++. It lets you develop a web site as if it were a program application.

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I’m not sure what the cool kids are using these days. I would stay far away from Wordpress. IMO C++ is also not a good choice for your use case in 2022.

My inclination is to look into a framework based on Python, maybe Flask, but I’d have to do more research. Python developers are easy to find and affordable. If performance or resource costs were a concern (because you were operating on a massive scale—which you’re clearly not since you’re asking us) I’d probably pursue the Vapor framework that uses the Swift programming language. It hits that sweet spot of being a compiled language, so you get the advantages of safety and performance, but it’s also a modern language that people enjoy using with many developers available.

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I’ve read in various blogs that laravel could also be an interesting option, since there are many developers and has proven itself in many projects over the past few years. what do you think?

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I’d avoid PHP like the plague. It was really popular in the early 2000’s but everyone hates it.

Python really is a good choice. People love using it, it has a “modern” and clean syntax. Memory management is handled well. It’s very popular and not hard to find developers for it. One downside to Python is that it can be resource-intensive and that can impact performance. I don’t think you’re going to notice this if your site doesn’t have millions of users.

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