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Do people actually recharge during a vacation?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24195points) December 27th, 2022
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Do you?
I don’t. Vacations just make things worse.

That is why I prefer a staycation.

Meat and sleep, in my man cave, works somewhat with me.

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When I go on vacation I come home needing a vacation to get over my vacation. Much like you, I prefer to have a few days off to stay at home & ENJOY myself!!!

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It depends on the vacation, but I’m heading to Puerto Vallarta in less than 2 months and I fully intend to recharge. It’ll be my first real vacation since COVID and I’m going to take full advantage!

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Just came back last week from a cruise to Antarctica. Totally exhausted!
The cruise was OK. Beautiful ship. Fun walking around on land, cruising in small Zodiac inflatable boats, jumping into the 28*F water with just a swimsuit on. What wore me out was the 30 hours of packed plane flights, airport layovers missed flights. Oh and the airport in Buenos Aires is a meet grinder. Some of the gates were so loaded with people it felt like all the oxygen had been sucked out of the air and we were all rebreathing CO2.

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand “meat and sleep” do you mean “meet and sleep?” I still don’t get it. I’m sorry I’m not good at vacation lingo, but I know when we got back from our cruise I was wore-out. I think I slept for two days but that cruise was heaven.

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The idea is not to rest so much, but to separate yourself from the daily grind. I used to go visit relatives in Phoenix around early spring each year. A week out hiking in the warm sun certainly cures the winter blues for me. I count that as recharging.

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@RayaHope I eat meat… Like KFC, or beef, or pork. And loaf around all week.
I experimenting with Chef’s plate meals. I haven’t cooked one yet.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Oh okay, thank you for straighten me out. :)

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I loved going on vacation (usually camping, often on the beach) but getting ready was a lot of work. Then I loved it again when I got home! Once we got to our campsite we did relax…walked on the beach, swam, played, collected shells, ate seafood at the one restaurant nearby, napped in the tent, etc. Fond memories of wonderful days.

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^^I’m moving in :) lol

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^^ Mmmmmm We loved it. Well shoot, come to think of it you’re not all that far from where we went! It’s called Edisto Beach State Park and is in South Carolina on Edisto Island. There are very few people on the beach, not like Daytona or others, and our tent was about half of a football field away from the ocean. We used to go in May and September.

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When I worked full time vacations made me dread going back to work. The vacation did let me get some rest usually, which was nice.

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@smudges We were at Carolina Beach once. Is that far from there?

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I used to love the trips I would take with my family – trips to Cape Cod every year. They’d rent a house and I’d go for a week. Lots of grilling dinner on the deck, going to the beach, to the lake, little shopping expeditions to the same towns year after year. That was relaxing.

I like a long weekend trip, too. Not as relaxing but just a fun change of pace.

I used to find trips to DIsney World to be not relaxing at all. They were memorable and fun in their own way, but required a ton of planning and a lot of money, and once there, tons of walking, so not relaxing at all. I have no urge to go back there any time soon.

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@RayaHope I looked it up; it’s almost 300 miles away, and Carolina Beach is in North Carolina. Edisto is just north of Hilton Head and close to Beaufort, SC. If you’ve ever seen The Big Chill (one of my favs) the house and some of the roads were in Beaufort. Picture huge, grand old trees on either side of the dirrt roads with spanish moss (aka air plant) hanging from branches.

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Absolutely. The not working is the most important bit, but I recharge emotionally in quiet, natural surroundings.

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I have always liked going on holiday and experiencing new things but it is nice to come back home again to relax.

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I do recharge provided I am truly out of reach and gone for at least a full week.

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My vacations have always had an itinerary—camping, parks, museums, tours, concerts, visiting friends or family, so yeah, they can be physically tiring, but mentally recharging. As much as I would like to lay on a beach for a week, I just can’t handle that much sun.

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Depends on the vacation.

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