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Are you sensitive to CAPITAL letters?

I have to ask that question, because I don’t want to break any rules here.

On many sites people think you’re yelling at them when you write a word or a sentence with CAPITALS.

When I went to school, we learned that CAPITALS were used for EMPHASIZING a notion, and that YELLING was denoted by one or more EXCLAMATION MARK(S).

So, when I write a sentence here, say “Do you understand THAT?” there is no yelling behind ‘THAT’. I’m only EMPHASIZING it. If I would like to yell at you, I would write “Do you understand THAT?!?”

I’m hardly yelling at all, ‘cause I’m very calmed down. I do yell sometimes, but it’s only to myself, when I do something wrong, or to someone else, but only when I read something or when I watch the TV. So for instance during a football game you could hear me yell several times, but that would be against the characters on the TV screen, not the people that are with me in the room. And one more thing: No matter how unbelievable it sounds, but after every ‘outburst’ it takes me a couple SECONDS to calm down and behave as if nothing had ever happened :D

So, once again the question:

Will you feel uncomfortable, if I sometimes write some words or entire sentences with CAPITALS, and with NO EXCLAMATION MARKS behind them?

Oh, just for clarification: I can almost never use those ‘fat letters’, because it’s only possible for me when I write on Word. But when I’m here or on Facebook or on any other social website, I don’t have that option, so I’m simply compelled to use CAPITALS when I want to stress out something.

Thanks for your kind answers.

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