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How many daughters do I have?

Asked by kruger_d (6330points) December 28th, 2022
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A riddle for you:

All of my daughters are blonde, but two.
All are redhead, but two.
All are brunette, but two.
How many daughters do I have?

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Too many they have made you crazy with things like this riddle.

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That was easy __ 3

okay what’s the catch?

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2 daughters with green hair or 3 daughters, with one each of blonde, red head and brunette.

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It uses plural, so I don’t see how it’s just 3? If you had one red-headed daughter would you say all of my daughters are red-headed except two?

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If you have to ask, too many!

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I was originally thinking six.

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@JLeslie , It makes perfectly good sense. The plural refers first to the total number of daughters (3) .

This reminds me of a joke about how a person did in a race compared to his chief rival. He says that he finished second and his opponent finished next to last, which may sound good until you learn that there were only two people in the race.

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Assuming that all the daughters are either blonde, redheaded or brunette, you can solve this with some simple algebra. Let n the the total number of daughters. The total is also equal to the number with each color of hair, so n = (n-2) + (n-2) + (n-2). n=3n-6. 2n=6 so n=3. And (n-2)=1, so there is one with each hair color.

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@LostInParadise It sounds weird to me, but my answer is three except for the conjugation.

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