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What is the meaning of “continuity in the relation with the ancestors and the heirs”?

Asked by adherenceenglish (55points) December 28th, 2022
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I read a paragraph as below from the website below, I can not understand “(3) when there is continuity in the relation with the ancestors and the heirs“, could you please explain and give some examples?

“In the view of the ancient Israelites, as expressed in the Hebrew Bible, death is good or at least acceptable (1) after a long life, (2) when a person dies in peace, (3) when there is continuity in the relation with the ancestors and the heirs, and (4) when one will be buried in one’s own land.”

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In this case, continuity means that the deceased person continues in the line stretching from ancestors to heirs. The implication is that if that line is broken, the death is not good.

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When I look at the word continuity in this context, I notice the root word is continue.

“when there is continuity in the relation with the ancestors and the heirs”

I believe it’s talking about the bloodline, and that the bloodline must continue from one ancestor to the next through history.

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I’m Jewish, and most Jewish people I know will say they live on through their children, or are immortal (they don’t usually use the actual word immortal) because they’re children carry on what they were taught by their parents.

Jewish people don’t usually talk about life after death like Muslims and Christians do, we tend to be more “earthly.” How do we live forever? Through our children. I would guess Muslims and Christians also think about passing down their traits, knowledge, and behaviors, but I never have personally heard them talk about it in quite the same way.

@snowberry mentioned bloodline, which maybe that is an original meaning, but modern day it would be more about keeping alive what you know that improves the world, and things about you that your children absorbed and act upon.

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@JLeslie Thank you. I never thought about it exactly like that before but you are right.

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“Continuity in the relation with the ancestors and the heirs” refers to the idea of maintaining a connection or relationship with both one’s ancestors (past generations) and one’s heirs (future generations). This can involve things like passing down traditions, values, and cultural practices from one generation to the next, or preserving and honoring the memory and legacy of one’s ancestors. This concept is often associated with the idea of preserving cultural identity and ensuring that important aspects of a group’s history and culture are not lost over time.

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