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How can I make my own GA undone?

Asked by AhYem (348points) 3 months ago
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I got a GA on the question ‘What’s your nominee for the most tiresomely overused word or phrase of 2022?’. I wanted to learn who gave it to me, and I clicked on ‘Great Answer’, which means that I gave it to myself.

So may I now ask you three questions?

I may? Thank you, Now my second question:

How can I undo my own GA?

And now my third one:

How can I see who gave me a GA?

Can I see that at all?

Ok, you need not answer my last question, because I said I’d ask only three.

Thanks for your kind answers.

And please be welcome to my profile, to read whatever I had posted there in “My Story”. Maybe you’ll like. If not, it’s not my fault. :P

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I didn’t know it was possible to give a GA to myself. Interesting.

You cannot see who gave you a GA. They are all anonymous.

Welcome to Fluther.

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Thank you, @Hawaii_Jake :)

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You cannot give yourself a GA!!! Look at all the Great Answers on the page. They are all underlined until you click on it & at that point the underline goes away showing that you’ve already awarded the GA to that person (you can only do it one on each Q). Now look at your response, your great answer does NOT have an underline. That means that you cannot give one to yourself.
You cannot find out who gave it to you although I think I might know…but I’ll NEVER tell!!! LoL
Once you give a GA to someone, you cannot take it back. So, be sure that’s what you want to do.

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Thanks for your comment, @LadyMarissa.

I was notified that I had a GA to my answer, so I went there to see who gave it to me. I thought the name(s) of people who gave me one would appear in a list if I clicked on GA, since there was no other option to figure it out. So I clicked on GA, and the moment I did, the One (1) turned into Two (2), so I reckoned my click meant that I gave myself a GA. And since that would be unfair, I immediately asked the question about how to undo it.

Although it could have been a pure coincidence that the moment I clicked on it, another person clicked on it too, so somebody else gave me the second GA, and I thought it was me who did it.

I’ll go and check it once again. If there is only one GA, I’tl reckon that the System had “adjusted” the mistake. But if there are 2 GA’s, I’ll have another glass of Southern Comfort :)

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I wouldn’t worry about it, honestly. Personally, if I cared even a little bit about the points from the GA and GQ I’d not have changed my avatar name on this site four or more times.

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I don’t think you can give yourself a GA but it don’t matter because when you give a great answer, someone will give it to YOU! :) ♥︎

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