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Northern California Jellies, how are you coping with the terrible rain storms?

Asked by janbb (62111points) 2 months ago
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Please check in.

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I have managed to stay safe and dry. The intensity last night was pretty scary. The front moved through at 4:45 yesterday afternoon, and it was like a fire hose in a wind tunnel.

The rain stopped at about 7, then it all began again at 10 o’clock and poured for a couple hours. This morning there were tree branches all up and down the street, some of them quite large.

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Glad you were ok!!

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Thanks for checking in, @zenvelo. I’m glad you’re safe.

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Wind, snow, and rain.
We haven’t lost power yet, so we’re fine.

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That said, I was driving in San Francisco last weekend, and the wheel jerked so hard while driving on a flooded freeway I worried my wrists would break.

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Heavy rain, heavy wind, just as they predicted, but still warm and dry at my house. Today, a few showers and some clearing. Lots of puddles, lots of downed tree branches. I have seen floodwaters come up our driveway before; that didn’t happen this time. But the wind was something. I was ready for power outages, but they haven’t happened in my area.

I didn’t budge yesterday; however, I had medical appointments today (and also tomorrow). I didn’t meet any delays out there, but evidence of the storm was everywhere.

Thank you for asking.

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I felt lucky that the worse we had was a water leak from under our garage door. Our neighbor had a tree in their front yard fall over. The roots were so extensive that they pivoted up and smashed the underside of the bay windows.

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It rained at my place from 9 last night until 8 in the morning. The creeks are all running so full, drainage ditches that are normally dry are raging torrents. But the worst veered south and hit Santa Cruz and Monterey.

Supposed to rain into next weekend with occasional dry spells.

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We lost power for about an hour, twice, and the trees that fell in our street were a block away, except the one in my son’s parking garage, and it missed his car by a good dozen feet. Our pool pump couldn’t keep up so our back yard flooded, but only came in the corner of patio room and didn’t cause any damage.

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It rained heavily this morning from about 4 a.m until 10. The sun just broke through (11:17 a.m.) and it is very windy. Perhaps the rain gods are 49er fans and the game will be dry.

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Just catching up with meta now…

The rain last month was wild! There were people going down the streets in their kayaks. And one guy was in his speedo and swimming around. Really hope his hepatitis shots are up to date. So gross!

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